function class parent truncated documentation
_setup_hook   does nothing
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception.
clean_function_notebook   Default cleaning for notebooks cells when unittesting.
elections_legislatives_bureau_vote   Retrieves data from Résultat des élections législatives françaises de 2012 au niveau bureau de vote. …
elections_legislatives_circonscription_geo   Retrieves data from Countours des circonscriptions des législatives. …
elections_presidentielles   Downloads the data for the French elections from
elections_presidentielles_local_files   Returns the list of files included in this module about French elections.
elections_vote_place_address   Scrapes and extracts addresses for every vote place (bureau de vote in French).
elections_vote_places_geo   Retrieves data vote places (bureaux de vote in French) with geocodes.
enumerate_appointments   enumerate a list of appointments for a given list of ids
enumerate_person   enumerate a person randomly chosen
enumerate_wolf_synonyms   enumerate list of synonyms Language is French.
enumerate_wolf_xml_row   walk through an XML file returned by function wolf_xml()
execute_notebooks   Executes a list of notebooks.
fecondite_france   download fecondity table for France (Excel format)
geocode   geocode addresses
get_additional_paths   returns a list of paths to add before running the notebooks, paths to pyquickhelper, pyensae, pymmails
html_to_text   Given a piece of HTML, return the plain text it contains. This handles entities and char refs, but not javascript and …
instruction_pass   Cette fonction ne fait rien.
ls_notebooks   list the notebooks in a particular subfolder
plot_population_pyramid   create a population pyramid
population_france_year   Downloads the data for the French population from INSEE website
read_csv_from_excel   Read a file stored in CSV format from Excel.
table_mortalite_euro_stat   This function retrieves mortality table from EuroStat through table de mortalité
table_mortalite_france_00_02   Download mortality table for France assuming they are available in Excel format.
villes_geo   Retrieves data vote places (bureaux de vote in French) with geocodes.
wolf_xml   The WOLF (Wordnet Libre du Français, Free French Wordnet) is a free …