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Issue with System.CodeDom


I faced that issue what I tried to dynamically compile C# code with the netstandard version of System.CodeDom: Cannot compile simple dynamic code after migration on .netstandard 2.0 (CodeDom throws System.PlatformNotSupportedException). I tried som easy solution but it did not seem I could make it to work without making too many changes. I’ll give up for the time being.


Playground with C# and Python


The project offers the possibility to speed up Python with C#. That’s what pythonnet already does. The objective is also to add custom C# assemblies as part of the build and to import them from :Python. The first step of this project was to prepare a continuous build which works on Windows and Linux. It was not that so obvious to install :epkg:`dotnet`, Python and pythonnet on the same build for travis and circleci. Some links to help:


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