Source code for csharpyml.binaries.maml_helper

Implements function around :epkg:`` command line.

import os
from csharpy.runtime import create_cs_function
from .add_reference import AddReference, add_csharpml_extension

[docs]def maml(script, catch_output=True, conc=0, verbose=2, sensitivity=-1): """ Runs a *maml script* through :epkg:``. :param script: script :param catch_output: the function returns the output as a result at of the execution, otherwise, it gets printed on stdout while being executed :param conc: concurrency (number of threads or 0 to let the library choose) :param verbose: more or less display :param sensitivity: to hide information about data :return: stdout, stderr See notebook :ref:`csharpformlinnotebookrst` for an example. :githublink:`%|py|24` """ add_csharpml_extension() from CSharPyMLExtension import PyMamlHelper if catch_output: res = PyMamlHelper.MamlScript( script, True, conc, verbose, sensitivity, True) res = res.replace('\r', '') if '--ERR--' in res: out, err = res.split('--ERR--') else: out, err = res, "" if '--OUT--' in res: out = out.split('--OUT--')[-1] return out.strip(' \n\r'), err.strip(' \n\r') else: PyMamlHelper.MamlScript(script, False, conc, verbose, sensitivity, True) return None, None
[docs]def get_maml_helper(): """ Returns the :epkg:`MamlHelper`. :githublink:`%|py|47` """ add_csharpml_extension() AddReference('Scikit.ML.DocHelperMlExt') from Scikit.ML.DocHelperMlExt import MamlHelper # pylint: disable=E0401 return MamlHelper
[docs]def get_transforms_list(): """ Returns the list of transforms as a unique strings to display. .. runpython:: :showcode: from csharpyml.binaries import get_transforms_list print(get_transforms_list()) :githublink:`%|py|64` """ out, _ = maml("? kind=datatransform") return out
[docs]def get_learners_list(): """ Returns the list of learners as a unique strings to display. .. runpython:: :showcode: from csharpyml.binaries import get_learners_list print(get_learners_list()) :githublink:`%|py|79` """ out, _ = maml("? kind=trainer") return out
[docs]def get_help(cl): """ Returns short documentation on one transform or learner. :param cl: transform or learner name :return: string .. runpython:: :showcode: from csharpyml.binaries import get_help print(get_help("lr")) :githublink:`%|py|96` """ out, _ = maml("? " + cl) return out
[docs]def get_mlnet_assemblies(chdir=False): """ Makes the list required dependencies to run a C# script using :epkg:``. :param chdir: change directory to the current one before computing the list :return: list of assemblies, list of usings .. runpython:: :showcode: from csharpyml.binaries import get_mlnet_assemblies deps, usings = get_mlnet_assemblies() for i, d in enumerate(deps): print("dependencies %d: %s" % (i, d)) for i, u in enumerate(usings): print("using %d: %s" % (i, u)) :githublink:`%|py|118` """ if chdir: cur = os.getcwd() os.chdir(chdir) MamlHelper = get_maml_helper() res = MamlHelper.GetLoadedAssembliesLocation(True) # pylint: disable=E0602 if chdir: os.chdir(cur) dependencies = [] # addition = ["Core", "Data", "Maml", "Api"] # root = os.path.dirname(res[0].Location) # dependencies = [os.path.join(root, "Microsoft.ML.{0}.dll").format(a) for a in addition] dependencies.extend([a for a in res if ".pyd" not in a and ".so" not in a]) usings = ["System", "System.Linq", "System.Collections.Generic", "System.IO", "System.Text"] usings.extend([ "Microsoft.ML.Runtime", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Api", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Data", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Learners", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Ensemble", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.LightGBM", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Model.Onnx", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.TimeSeriesProcessing", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Tools", "Microsoft.ML.Trainers", "Microsoft.ML.Trainers.HalLearners", "Microsoft.ML.Trainers.KMeans", "Microsoft.ML.Trainers.FastTree", "Microsoft.ML.Trainers.Online", "Microsoft.ML.Trainers.PCA", "Microsoft.ML.Transforms", "Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Categorical", "Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Normalizers", "Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Projections", "Microsoft.ML.Transforms.TensorFlow", "Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text", "Microsoft.ML.Runtime.Sweeper", ]) res = MamlHelper.GetAssemblies() # pylint: disable=E0602 usings.extend([a.FullName.split(',')[0] for a in res if "Scikit" in a.FullName]) for miss in ["Scikit.ML.DataManipulation", "Scikit.ML.ScikitAPI"]: if miss not in usings: usings.append(miss) return dependencies, usings
[docs]def mlnet(name, code, usings=None, dependencies=None, redirect=False): """ Compiles a :epkg:`C#` function using :epkg:``. It automatically adds the necessary dependencies including in this package. Relies on :epkg:`create_cs_function` :param name: function name :param code: :epkg:`C#` code :param usings: *using* to add, such as *System*, *System.Linq*, ... :param dependencies: dependencies, can be absolute path file :param redirect: redirect standard output and error :return: :epkg:`Python` wrapper on the compiled :epkg:`C#` The default dependencies are returned by :func:`get_mlnet_assemblies <csharpyml.binaries.maml_helper.get_mlnet_assemblies>`. :githublink:`%|py|181` """ deps, us = get_mlnet_assemblies() if usings is not None: us.extend(usings) if dependencies is not None: deps.extend(dependencies) return create_cs_function(name, code, us, deps, redirect)