csharpyml.binaries.AddReference (name, version = None)

Imports a C# dll.

csharpyml.binaries.add_csharpml_extension ()

Imports CSharpExtension into global context.

This binary has a version. On Windows, the system might decide to skip the replacement of an assembly because it is in use. You can check the version of this by using the following code.


csharpyml.binaries.get_help (cl)

Returns short documentation on one transform or learner.

csharpyml.binaries.get_transforms_list ()

Returns the list of transforms as a unique strings to display.

csharpyml.binaries.get_learners_list ()

Returns the list of learners as a unique strings to display.

csharpyml.binaries.maml (script, catch_output = True, conc = 0, verbose = 2, sensitivity = -1)

Runs a maml script through ML.net.


csharpyml.binaries.CSLogging (self, stdout = ‘python’, seed = -1, verbose = 0, sensitivity = ‘All’, conc = 0)


csharpyml.binaries.CSPipeline (self, transforms = None, predictor = None, stdout = ‘store’, kwargs)