Describe Transform

The documentation is generated based on the sources available at xadupre/machinelearningext and released under MIT License.

Type: datatransform Aliases: DescribeTransform, Describe Namespace: Scikit.ML.PipelineTransforms Assembly: Scikit.ML.PipelineTransforms.dll


Computes various statistics on a list of columns.


Name Short name Default Description
columns col   Columns to describe (min, max, mean, …).
dimension dim False To show the dimension of the problem (number of rows).If true, the transform might fail applied after a ResampleTransform.
hists hist   Compute an histogram for this column. Limited to 100 values.
jsonFormat json False Display in JSON format
name   desc If not null, every display will start by <name> and end by </name>
oneRowPerColumn one False Use one row per column instead of one row per statistics/column
passThrough p True The output view is the input (true) or the statistics (false).
saveInFile dout   Saves the statistics in a file.
showSchema sch False To show the entier schema