The documentation is generated based on the sources available at xadupre/machinelearningext and released under MIT License.

Type: multiclassclassifiertrainer Aliases: InternalOVA, iOVA Namespace: Scikit.ML.MultiClass Assembly: Scikit.ML.MultiClass.dll


Converts a multi-class classification problem into a binary classification problem.


Name Short name Default Description
algo al Default Algorithm to to duplicate rows.
dropNALabel na True Drop missing labels.
maxMulti m 5 Maximum number of time an example can be multipled
numThreads nt   Number of threads used to estimate how much a class should resample.
predictorType p ft Base predictor
reclassicationPredictor rp   Reclassification using output from the first tree
seed s 42 Seed to multiply randomly the label.
singleColumn sc True Add one column for the label or one column per class.
weight w   Weight column