The documentation is generated based on the sources available at xadupre/machinelearningext and released under MIT License.

Type: binaryclassifiertrainer Aliases: kNNbc, kNN Namespace: Scikit.ML.NearestNeighbors Assembly: Scikit.ML.NearestNeighbors.dll


k-Nearest Neighbors trainer for Binary Classification


Name Short name Default Description
algo a kdtree Weighting strategy for neighbors
colId id   Column which contains a unique identifier for each observation (optional). Type must long.
distance d L2 Distnace to use
k   5 Number of neighbors to consider.
numThreads nt 1 Number of threads and number of KD-Tree built to sppeed up the search.
seed s 42 Seed to distribute example over trees.
weighting w uniform Weighting strategy for neighbors