OPTICS Ordering TransformΒΆ

The documentation is generated based on the sources available at xadupre/machinelearningext and released under MIT License.

Type: datatransform Aliases: OpticsOrderingTransform, OPTICSOrdering, OPTICSOrd Namespace: Scikit.ML.Clustering Assembly: Scikit.ML.Clustering.dll


Orders data using OPTICS algorithm.


Name Short name Default Description
epsilon eps 0 Radius of the sample areas. If null, the transform will give it a default value based on the data.
features col   Column which contains the features.
minPoints mps 5 Minimum number of points in the sample area to be considered a cluster.
outCoreDistance outcd Core Core distance
outOrdering outc Ordering Ordering results.
outReachabilityDistance outr Reachability Reachability distance
seed s 42 Seed for the number generators.