method class parent truncated documentation
__getattr__ CSDataFrame Looks first in the Python class then in the C# class.
__init__ CSDataFrame Creates a C# DataFrame.
__init__ CSLogging Creates en environment which defines multiple variables such as the random seed, more or less display, the sensitivity …
__init__ CSPipeline Creates a pipeline C# Pipeline.
__init__ CSStreamingDataFrame Creates an empty C# Streaming DataFrame.
__str__ CSDataFrame usual
_predict_transform CSPipeline Transforms or predicts with a trained pipeline, there is no predictor.
fit CSPipeline Fits a pipeline.
logerr CSLogging Stores stderr.
logout CSLogging Stores stdout.
maml CsMLMagics Defines magic command %%maml.
mlnet CsMLMagics Defines magic command %%mlnet. Relies on magic command :epkg:`%%CS`.
modify_script_before_running MlCmdDirective The methods modifies self.content.
modify_script_before_running RunCSharpMLDirective The methods modifies the script to csharpy to run C# from Python.
predict CSPipeline Predicts with a trained pipeline.
save CSPipeline Saves the pipeline as a filename.
to_csdf CSStreamingDataFrame Converts into C# DataFrame.
to_df CSDataFrame Converts the C# DataFrame back into a DataFrame.
transform CSPipeline Transforms with a trained pipeline.