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EdgeNotIncident   Indicates that a traversal was requested through an edge from a set that doesn’t contain any of its endpoints.
EdgeNotOutgoing   Indicates that a traversal was requested through an edge from a set of vertices containing both its endpoints.
FileFormatException   Raised when unable to parse a file
ImageNearestNeighbors   Builds a model on the top of NearestNeighbors in order to find close images.
MLStoragePerf2018   Computes the performances the a hackathon.
MLStoragePerf2018Image   Overloads compute_perf for images. Example of use:
MLStoragePerf2018TimeSeries   Overloads compute_perf for timeseries. Example of use:
MaximumDualReached   Indicates that we have reached the maximum dual solution and cannot improve it further.
ParemetreCoutTrajet   Regroupe l’ensembles des paramètres pour le calcul de la distance associé à un appariement.
PasswordException   Raised when password is missing
ProjectDataException   Exception raised when data is not available
SolutionException   wrong solution
StructureUpToDate   This gets raised as soon as the structure of all trees is up-to-date, i.e. there are no more instances of any of the …
TreeStructureChanged   Used whenever the structure of an alternating tree is changed to abort current traversal and initiate a new one.