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__init__ module ensae_projects Module ensae_projects. Compilation of materials for presentations. source on GitHub
__init__ module ensae_projects.automation Shortcuts to automation. source on GitHub
__init__ module ensae_projects.challenge Shortcuts to challenges source on GitHub
__init__ module ensae_projects.datainc Shortcuts to data source on GitHub
__init__ module ensae_projects.hackathon Shortcut to subfolder hackathon. source on GitHub
__init__ module ensae_projects.restapi Shortcuts to restapi. source on GitHub
blossom module ensae_projects.challenge.blossom Source: An implementation of Edmonds’ blossom algorithm for finding minimum-weight maximum matchings. source on GitHub
city_tour module ensae_projects.challenge.city_tour Function to solve the problem of the Route Inspection Problem. source on GitHub
competitions module Compute metrics in for a competition source on GitHub
credentials_helper module ensae_projects.automation.credentials_helper Helpers around credentials. source on GitHub
croix_rouge module ensae_projects.datainc.croix_rouge Data related to La Croix-Rouge (Hackathon Microsoft / ENSAE / Croix-Rouge / 2015) source on GitHub
crypt_helper module ensae_projects.hackathon.crypt_helper Encrypting, decrypting. source on GitHub
data_bikes module ensae_projects.datainc.data_bikes Data related to a challenge, streets in Seattle source on GitHub
data_cresus module ensae_projects.datainc.data_cresus Script to process the date from Cresus for the hackathon 2016 source on GitHub
data_exception module ensae_projects.datainc.data_exception Exception raised when data is not available source on GitHub
data_geo_streets module ensae_projects.datainc.data_geo_streets Data related to a challenge, streets in Seattle source on GitHub
data_helper module ensae_projects.datainc.data_helper Simple functions to process text files. source on GitHub
datazips module ensae_projects.datainc.datazips Data mostly for the first year. source on GitHub
image_helper module ensae_projects.hackathon.image_helper Helpers for the hackathon 2017 (Label Emmaüs). source on GitHub
image_knn module ensae_projects.hackathon.image_knn Builds a knn classifier for image in order to find close images. source on GitHub
json_helper module ensae_projects.hackathon.json_helper Helpers for the hackathon 2017 (Label Emmaüs). source on GitHub
notebook_test_helper module ensae_projects.automation.notebook_test_helper Some automation helpers to test notebooks and check they are still working fine. source on GitHub
perf2018 module ensae_projects.hackathon.perf2018 Compute the performance for the hackathon 2018. source on GitHub
search_images_dogcat module ensae_projects.restapi.search_images_dogcat Defines a search engine for images inspired from # searchimagesrst>`_. Search images with deep learning < It relies on :epkg:`lightmlrestapi. source on GitHub
velib_trajectories module ensae_projects.challenge.velib_trajectories Une solution au problème proposée : Reconstruction de trajectoire velib source on GitHub
web_search_helper module ensae_projects.hackathon.web_search_helper Helpers for the hackathon 2018 related to search internet. source on GitHub