Code source de ensae_teaching_cs.automation_students.quick_tasks

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Some automation helpers to grab mails from students about projects.


[docs]def build_mailing_list(names, domain, format="{first}.{last}@{domain}"): """ Infers mails from a list of names. :param names: list of strings :param domain: something like ````. :param format: mail format :return: list of mails Examples : :: DUPRE Xavier Everything upper case is the last name, everything lower case is the first name. :githublink:`%|py|25` """ mails = [] for name in names: words = name.split() first = [] last = [] for w in words: if w.upper() == w: last.append(w) else: first.append(w) first = ".".join(s.lower() for s in first) last = ".".join(s.lower() for s in last) mail = format.format(first=first, last=last, domain=domain) mails.append(mail) return mails