module automation_students.projects_helper

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module ensae_teaching_cs.automation_students.projects_helper

A couple of functons which automates everything.

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extract_students_mails_from_gmail_and_stores_in_folders The scenario is the following:


A couple of functons which automates everything.

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ensae_teaching_cs.automation_students.projects_helper.extract_students_mails_from_gmail_and_stores_in_folders(folder='.', filemails='emails.txt', user=None, pwd=None, server='', mailfolder=['ensae/ENSAE_2016_3A'], date='1-Jan-2016', zipfilename='', zipencpwd=b'sixteenbyteskeys', dataframe=None, columns={'group': 'groupe', 'name': 'nom_prenom', 'subject': 'sujet'}, skip_names=None, process_name=None, title='List of emails', nolink_if=None, fLOG=<function fLOG>)[source]

The scenario is the following:

  • You are the teacher.
  • Students started their projects at date t.
  • They can work alone or by group.
  • They send mails, you reply.
  • Their address mail follows the convention: <first name>.<last name>@anything so it is to associate a mail address to a student name.
  • You move every mail you received in a separate folder in your inbox.
  • Sometime, you send a mail to everybody.
  • Finally they send their project with attachments.
  • You want to store everything (mails and attachements) in folders, one per group.
  • You want a summary of what was received.
  • You want to build a zip file to share their work with others teachers.
  • You want to update the folder if a new mail was sent.

This function looks into a folder of your inbox and grabs every mails and attachements from a groups of students.

  • folder – where to store the results
  • filemails – files used to store students address, the operation is done once, remove the file to force the function to rebuild the information.
  • user – user of the gmail inbox
  • pwd – password of the gmail inbox
  • server – gmail server, it should be "", it works with others mail servers using the IMAP protocol
  • mailfolder – folder in your inbox to look into, there can be several
  • date – when to start looking (do not change the format, look at the default value)
  • zipfilename – name of the zip file to create
  • zipencpwd – the zip file is also encrypted for a safer share with this key and function encrypt_stream.
  • dataframe – dataframe which contains the definition of students groups
  • columns – columns the function will look into, students names, group definition (a unique number for all students in the same group), subject
  • skip_names – list of names to skip
  • process_name – to operate a transformation before matching students names with their emails
  • title – each group folder contains a html file connecting them, this is its title
  • nolink_if – The summary extracts links from url, it skips the urls which contains on the substrings included in that list (None to use a default set)
  • fLOG – logging function


By default, Gmail does not let you programmatically access you own inbox, you need to modify your gmail parameters to let this function do so.

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