Static Methods


staticmethod class parent truncated documentation
add_header_if_not_present TableFormula the function checks if the first line contains the column in header otherwise, it modifies the file and add them …
bootstrap TableFormula return a confidence interval for a statistics
combine_into_string ElectionResults Combines two matrices into one before displaying it.
convert_st_date_to_datetime CopyFileForFtp  
correlation_bicolumn TableFormula assume values is a matrix with two columns
create_folders_from_dataframe ProjectsRepository Creates a series of folders for groups of students.
dichotomy_find LatexFile find the greatest position which contains a value below value
find_e HomomorphicInt Finds one exposant for the RSA encryption.
get_regex ProjectsRepository Retrieves data from file suivi.rst using a regular expression.
lcm HomomorphicInt Computes the least common multiple (PPCM).
match_mail ProjectsRepository Tries to match a name among a list of mails.
match_mails ProjectsRepository Tries to match a series of names among a list of mails.
min_max_mean_std ElectionResults returns the mean standard deviation, bounds of the confidence interval
parallel ParallelThread Parallélise l’appel à la fonction f sur une liste de paramètres.
parse DiceStraight Reads the content of a problem Returns a list of DiceStraight.
pgcd HomomorphicInt Computes the PGCD.
random_split_file TableFormula split a file in nb buckets by random(lines are sent to a random file as they come)
ratio TableFormula return a ratio between two real values or an empty string if the denominateur is null
save_multiple_as_excel TableFormula saves multiple table in one Excel file