Code source de ensae_teaching_cs.helpers.code_helper

Helpers about code.

import os
import re
from pyquickhelper.filehelper import explore_folder_iterfile

[docs]def enumerate_inspect_source_code(folder, file_pattern=".*[.]((py)|(ipynb))$", neg_pattern=".*(([-]checkpoint)|(_todo)|(_temp)).*", line_patterns="from sklearn[_0-9a-zA-Z.]* import ([_a-zA-Z0-9]+);;import sklearn[.]([_a-z]+)", fullname=False): """ Counts groups extracted from source file. We assume all selected files can be opened as text files encoded in :epkg:`utf-8` character set. :param folder: folder to dig into :param file_pattern: files to consider :param neg_pattern: negative patterns for filenames :param line_patterns: patterns to look into, separated by ``;;`` :param fullname: if True, include the subfolder while checking the regex :return: list of dictionaries :githublink:`%|py|24` """ regs = [re.compile(reg) for reg in line_patterns.split(';;')] nb = 0 for name in explore_folder_iterfile(folder, pattern=file_pattern, neg_pattern=neg_pattern, fullname=fullname): nb += 1 try: with open(name, "r", encoding="utf-8", errors='ignore') as f: for li, line in enumerate(f): for pi, reg in enumerate(regs): r = if r: for g in r.groups(): obs = dict(group=g, name=name, line=li) obs['patid'] = pi yield obs except UnicodeDecodeError as e: raise FileNotFoundError( "Unable to process '{0}' due to '{1}'.".format(name, e)) if nb == 0: found = os.listdir(folder) founds = "\n".join(found) if found else "EMPTY" pos_found = list(explore_folder_iterfile( folder, pattern=file_pattern, fullname=fullname)) pos_founds = "\n".join(pos_found) if pos_found else "EMPTY" mes = "No file found in folder '{0}' with pattern '{1}' (neg='{2}')\n--IN--\n{3}\n--IN--\n{4}" raise FileNotFoundError(mes.format( folder, file_pattern, neg_pattern, founds, pos_founds))