function class parent truncated documentation
_setup_hook   if this function is added to the module, the help automation and unit tests call it first before anything goes on …
bytes2python   Converts JSON bytes into a dictionary.
call_api_emotions   Retrieve resuls for news
call_api_images   Retrieve resuls for images.
call_api_news   Retrieve resuls for news.
call_api_speech_reco   Implemented in module ensae_teaching_cs. …
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception. If you want to disable the logs:
convert_into_days   Convert a date into the number of days from today.
definition_wikipedia   Search for the definition of something on wikipedia.
display_treant   Display a chart using treant-js.
enumerate_last_mails   Returned the last mails
example_cartopy   Draws a map of France with :epkg:`cartopy`.
example_confidence_interval   Draws pseudo confidence interval for a regression in a matplotlib graph.
example_networkx   Example using networkx.
example_pydy   Example from the documentation of pydy.
get_tree_string   returns a string which shows the parsed tree
gui_mokadi   Launches the application. There is a bug somewhere. Taking a picture fails if the vocal synthesis runs first. We …
interpret   Interpret a sentance and returns a list of word.
launch_gui_mokadi   Launches tkinter with Mokadi BOT.
make_dataframe   Builds a dataframe from multiple arrays.
parse_mokadi   Parse a sentance with mokadi language.
parse_string_int   Converts a string into an integer. It can also be a string like ‘un’.
play_speech   Play a way
pptx_apply_transform   Applies the same transformation on all text zone.
pptx_enumerate_text   Enumerates all text content in a presentation.
print_level_order   Displays a tree for the parsed text.
record_speech   Records 5 seconds by default and returns the bytes which contains that sound.
run_parse   Parses the script and intercept standard output and error.
speak   Text to speech.
suggestions_wikipedia   Suggestions for something on wikipedia.
synonyms_wiktionary   Returns the definition from Wiktionary.
take_picture   Take a picture with the camera.
timeexec   Measures the time for a given expression.
unit   Optimizes the rendering of time.