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Helpers for Jupyter notebooks, implements javascript additions such a menu, wraps a json viewer, a graphviz viewer.

Add a Javascript menu to a notebook

from jyquickheler import add_menu_notebook

See Notebook, HTML, SVG, Javascript, JSON.

Render Javascript in a notebook

from jyquickhelper import RenderJS
css = ["https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/c3/0.4.21/c3.min.css"]
RenderJS(script, css=css, libs = [
                     name="d3", exports="d3"),
                     name="c3", exports="c3", deps=["d3"])])

See Javascript library in a notebook: c3 or Javascript library in a notebook: mermaid.

Visualize JSON in a notebook.

from jyquickhelper import JSONJS
JSONJS(dict(name="xavier", city="Paris"), html_only=True, show_to_level=3)

See Show JSON in a notebook.

Links: github, documentation, jyquickhelper, blog, Bugs and improvments

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