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_setup_hook   if this function is added to the module, the help automation and unit tests call it first before anything goes on …
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception. If you want to disable the logs:
copy_static   Copy static files into dest/static.
get_template   Get a template name.
is_vector   Tells if an array is a vector.
l1_reg_max   Implements a L1 scoring function which does not consider error above threshold max_val.
mse   Computes mean_squared_error. …
multi_label_jaccard   Applies to a multi-label classification problem. Computes the average Jaccard index between two sequences of sets …
read_options   Reads configuration from a file or a dictionary.
read_users   Reads users definition.
reshape   Reshape the expected values and predictions.
roc_auc_score_macro   Computes roc_auc_score with …
roc_auc_score_micro   Computes roc_auc_score with …
sklearn_metric   Looks into metrics available in :epkg:`scikit-learn:metrics`.