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__init__ module lightmlboard Module lightmlboard. Custom Machine Learning Leaderbord for a competition. source on GitHub
__init__ module lightmlboard.metrics Implements metrics. source on GitHub
__init__ module lightmlboard.static Helpers around static files. source on GitHub
__init__ module lightmlboard.templates About templates. source on GitHub
appml module lightmlboard.appml Defines a Tornado application. Tutorial chat. source on GitHub
classification module lightmlboard.metrics.classification Metrics about regressions. source on GitHub
competition module lightmlboard.competition Defines a competition. source on GitHub
dbengine module lightmlboard.dbengine Manages a sqlite3 database. source on GitHub
dbmanager module lightmlboard.dbmanager Manages a sqlite3 database to store the results. source on GitHub
default_options module lightmlboard.default_options Default options for the application. source on GitHub
handlersml module lightmlboard.handlersml Defines handlers for a Tornado application. source on GitHub
options_helpers module lightmlboard.options_helpers Defines helpers used in different places of the module. source on GitHub
regression module lightmlboard.metrics.regression Metrics about regressions. source on GitHub
regression_custom module lightmlboard.metrics.regression_custom Metrics about regressions. source on GitHub