The documentation is generated based on the sources available at dotnet/machinelearning and released under MIT License.

Type: argument Aliases: Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.NgramHashExtractingTransformer+NgramHashExtractorArguments Namespace: System Assembly: Microsoft.ML.Transforms.dll Microsoft Documentation: NgramHashExtractingTransformer.NgramHashExtractorArguments



Name Short name Default Description
AllLengths ShortName = “all” True HelpText = “Whether to include all ngram lengths up to ngramLength or only ngramLength”
HashBits ShortName = “bits” 16 HelpText = “Number of bits to hash into. Must be between 1 and 30, inclusive.”
InvertHash ShortName = “ih” 0 HelpText = “Limit the number of keys used to generate the slot name to this many. 0 means no invert hashing, -1 means no limit.”
NgramLength ShortName = “ngram” 1 HelpText = “Ngram length”
Ordered ShortName = “ord” True HelpText = “Whether the position of each source column should be included in the hash (when there are multiple source columns).”
Seed   314489979 HelpText = “Hashing seed”
SkipLength ShortName = “skips” 0 HelpText = “Maximum number of tokens to skip when constructing an ngram”