class class parent truncated documentation
Activity   Defines an activity, a question, a game…
ActivityGroup   Defines a set of activities.
AuthMount   The router checks for authentification by looking for a cookie which contains an alias. This alias can only be set if …
AuthentificationAnswers   Defines answers for an application with authentification. It stores a cookie with only the user alias. The method …
Base   Base class.
Display   Defines how an activity should be displayed.
DisplayQuestionChoiceHTML   Renders a question into HTML.
LanguageBase   Base class for language specific content.
LogApp   Defines methods to easily log information for a web application. The function fct_session returns information …
Notion   Defines what an activity intents to introduce.
QCMApp   Implements routes for a web application.
QuestionChoice   Defines a question with multiple choices.
ServerHypercorn   Implements a server based on hypercorn.
StaticApp   Implements routes for a web application which serves static files protected with a password. See Which server to server starlette application?. …