Source code for mlinsights.sklapi.sklearn_base_regressor

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Implements :class:`SkBaseRegressor <mlinsights.sklapi.sklearn_base_regressor.SkBaseRegressor>`.

from sklearn.metrics import r2_score
from .sklearn_base_learner import SkBaseLearner

[docs]class SkBaseRegressor(SkBaseLearner): """ Defines a custom regressor. :githublink:`%|py|13` """
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): """ constructor :githublink:`%|py|18` """ SkBaseLearner.__init__(self, **kwargs)
[docs] def score(self, X, y=None, sample_weight=None): """ Returns the mean accuracy on the given test data and labels. :param X: Training data, numpy array or sparse matrix of shape [n_samples,n_features] :param y: Target values, numpy array of shape [n_samples, n_targets] (optional) :param sample_weight: Weight values, numpy array of shape [n_samples, n_targets] (optional) :return: score : float, Mean accuracy of self.predict(X) wrt. y. :githublink:`%|py|29` """ return r2_score(y, self.predict(X), sample_weight=sample_weight)