class class parent truncated documentation
AutoAction   Extends the API to automatically look for exporters.
AutoType   Extends the API to automatically look for exporters.
CompilationError   Raised when a compilation error was detected.
Float32InfError   Raised when a float is out of range and cannot be converted into a float32.
MLAction   Base class for every action.
MLActionAdd   Addition
MLActionBinary   Any binary operation.
MLActionCast   Cast into another type.
MLActionConcat   Concatenate number of arrays into an array.
MLActionCst   Constant
MLActionFunction   A function.
MLActionFunctionCall   Any function call.
MLActionIfElse   Addition
MLActionReturn   Returns a results.
MLActionSign   Sign of an expression: 1=positive, 0=negative.
MLActionTensorAdd   Tensor addition.
MLActionTensorDiv   Tensor division.
MLActionTensorDot   Scalar product.
MLActionTensorMul   Tensor multiplication.
MLActionTensorSub   Tensor soustraction.
MLActionTensorTake   Extracts an element of the tensor.
MLActionTensorVector   Tensor operation.
MLActionTestEqual   Operator ==.
MLActionTestInf   Operator <.
MLActionUnary   Any binary operation.
MLActionVar   Variable. The constant is only needed to guess the variable type.
MLModel   Base class for every machine learned model
MLNumType   Base class for numerical types.
MLNumTypeBool   A numpy.bool.
MLNumTypeFloat32   A numpy.float32.
MLNumTypeInt32   A numpy.int32.
MLNumTypeSingle   int32 or float32
MLTensor   Defines a tensor with a dimension and a single type for what it contains.
MLType   Base class for every type.