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_setup_hook   If this function is added to the module, the help automation and unit tests call it first before anything goes on …
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception. If you want to disable the logs:
check_is_almost_equal   Checks that two floats or two arrays are almost equal.
check_model_representation   Checks that a trained model can be exported in a specific list of formats and produces the same outputs if the representation …
check_type   Raises an exception if the model is not of the expected type.
compile_c_function   Compiles a C function with cffi. It takes one features vector.
identify_interpreter   Identifies the interpreter for a scikit-learn model.
iris_data   Returns (X, y) for iris data.
sklearn2graph   Converts any kind of scikit-learn model into a grammar model.
sklearn_decision_tree_regressor   Converts a DecisionTreeRegressor
sklearn_linear_regression   Converts a linear regression
sklearn_logistic_regression   Interprets a logistic regression
sklearn_standard_scaler   Converts a standard scaler