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  • name: Attention (GitHub)

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  • since_version: 1

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This version of the operator has been available since version 1 of domain


Multi-Head Self Attention that can be either unidirectional (like GPT-2) or bidirectional (like BERT). The mask_index input is optional. Besides raw attention mask with shape (batch_size, past_sequence_length + sequence_length) or (batch_size, sequence_length, past_sequence_length + sequence_length) with value 0 for masked and 1 otherwise, we also support other two formats: When input has right-side padding, mask_index is one dimension with shape (batch_size), where value of each element is the end position, or valid length of actual sequence excluding padding. When input has left-side padding, mask_index has shape (2 * batch_size), where the values are the exclusive end positions followed by the inclusive start positions. When unidirectional is 1, and each token only attend to previous tokens. For GPT-2, both past and present state are optional. Present state could appear in output even when past state is not in input.


  • num_heads (required): Number of attention heads Default value is ?.

  • qkv_hidden_sizes: Hidden layer sizes of Q, K, V paths in Attention Default value is ?.

  • unidirectional: Whether every token can only attend to previous tokens. Default value is 0. Default value is ?.


Between 3 and 6 inputs.

  • input (heterogeneous) - T: 3D input tensor with shape (batch_size, sequence_length, input_hidden_size)

  • weight (heterogeneous) - T: 2D input tensor with shape (input_hidden_size, 3 * hidden_size), where hidden_size = num_heads * head_size

  • bias (heterogeneous) - T: 1D input tensor with shape (3 * hidden_size)

  • mask_index (optional, heterogeneous) - M: Attention mask with shape (batch_size, 1, max_sequence_length, max_sequence_length), (batch_size, past_sequence_length + sequence_length)or (batch_size, sequence_length, past_sequence_length + sequence_length), or index with shape (batch_size) or (2 * batch_size).

  • past (optional, heterogeneous) - T: past state for key and value with shape (2, batch_size, num_heads, past_sequence_length, head_size).

  • extra_add (optional, heterogeneous) - T: additional add to QxK’ with shape (batch_size, num_heads, sequence_length, sequence_length).


Between 1 and 2 outputs.

  • output (heterogeneous) - T: 3D output tensor with shape (batch_size, sequence_length, hidden_size)

  • present (optional, heterogeneous) - T: present state for key and value with shape (2, batch_size, num_heads, past_sequence_length + sequence_length, head_size)