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This version of the operator has been available since version 1 of domain


EmbedLayerNormalization is the fusion of embedding layer in BERT model, with optional mask processing. The embedding layer takes input_ids (word IDs) and segment_ids (sentence IDs) to look up word_embedding, position_embedding, and segment_emedding; the embeddings are added then applied layer normalization using gamma and beta tensors. The last input mask is optional. If mask is provided, mask index (that is position of first 0 in mask, or number of words) will be calculated.


  • epsilon: The epsilon value to use to avoid division by zero. Default value is ?.


Between 7 and 9 inputs.

  • input_ids (heterogeneous) - T1: 2D words IDs with shape (batch_size, sequence_length)

  • segment_ids (optional, heterogeneous) - T1: 2D segment IDs with shape (batch_size, sequence_length)

  • word_embedding (heterogeneous) - T: 2D with shape (,hidden_size)

  • position_embedding (heterogeneous) - T: 2D with shape (, hidden_size)

  • segment_embedding (optional, heterogeneous) - T: 2D with shape (, hidden_size)

  • gamma (heterogeneous) - T: 1D gamma tensor for layer normalization with shape (hidden_size)

  • beta (heterogeneous) - T: 1D beta tensor for layer normalization with shape (hidden_size)

  • mask (optional, heterogeneous) - T1: 2D attention mask with shape (batch_size, sequence_length)

  • position_ids (optional, heterogeneous) - T1: 2D position ids with shape (batch_size, sequence_length)


Between 2 and 3 outputs.

  • output (heterogeneous) - T: 3D output tensor with shape (batch_size, sequence_length, hidden_size)

  • mask_index (heterogeneous) - T1: 1D mask_index tensor with shape (batch_size)

  • embedding_sum (optional, heterogeneous) - T: sum of word_embedding and position_embedding without layer normalization