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What is it?

This project contains helpers used at the ENSAE for teaching purposes but not only. It requires github/pyquickhelper.

Data used for teachings at the ENSAE are available through function:

download_data("", website = "xd")

The data comes from The module also implements magic commands to run SQL queries on SQLite, parsing financial data from Google Finance.


  • retrieve data for practical lessons (see download_data)
  • import a tsv file into a database (see import_flatfile_into_database)
  • retrieve stock prices from Yahoo Finance (see StockPrices)
  • magic commands to easily use SQLite3 from a notebook (see MagicSQL)
  • magic commands to access a Cloudera Cluster and run PIG jobs (see MagicRemoteSSH)
  • magic commands to access Azure Blob Storage and HDInsight (see MagicAzure)
  • magic commands to display content of a folder in DataFrame (see MagicFile)
  • magic commands to display an autamated menu in a notebook (see MagicFile)

The magic commands will be automatically enabled if the module is imported from a notebook. It also proposes others magic commands such as %head, %tail, %textdiff, %hhelp, %runpy, %lsr, %compress. Type <magic_command> -h to get their usage.