Source code for pyensae.graphhelper.magic_graph

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Magic commands about graphs

.. versionadded:: 1.1


from IPython.core.magic import magics_class, line_magic
from pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper import MagicCommandParser, MagicClassWithHelpers

# do not import a module which imports matplotlib
# if this module is imported, this class is being tested and it affects sphinx
# when it generates the documentation
from .matplotlib_helper import mpl_switch_style

[docs]@magics_class class MagicGraph(MagicClassWithHelpers): """ Defines magic commands about graphs .. versionadded:: 1.1 :githublink:`%|py|25` """
[docs] @staticmethod def mpl_style_parser(): """ defines the way to parse the magic command ``%mpl_style`` :githublink:`%|py|31` """ parser = MagicCommandParser( description='changes matplotlib style', prog="mpl_style") parser.add_argument( 'style', type=str, help='style, ggplot for exemple', default="ggplot") return parser
[docs] @line_magic def mpl_style(self, line): """ defines ``%mpl_style`` which changes the style of matplotlib graphs, example: ``%mpl_style ggplot`` .. nbref:: :title: mpl_style This magic just does:: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt'ggplot') It should take place at the beginning of the notebook. :githublink:`%|py|56` """ parser = self.get_parser(MagicGraph.mpl_style_parser, "mpl_style") args = self.get_args(line, parser) if args is not None: style = mpl_switch_style(style)
[docs]def register_graph_magics(ip=None): # pragma: no cover """ register magics function, can be called from a notebook :param ip: from ``get_ipython()`` :githublink:`%|py|70` """ if ip is None: from IPython import get_ipython ip = get_ipython() ip.register_magics(MagicGraph)