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I came accross this package: cctx. The summary is the following: A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 90+ exchanges. The library is available in javascript, php, python but the last two languages are obtained by translating the javascript into python and php. There are a few commits per day. That’s moght be worth following if you are interested cryptocurrencies.


Google Finance stopped delivering historical data


After :epkg:`Yahoo Finance <>`_ made it more difficult to access historical data, Google Finance stopped giving historical data. So you should see the following error message:


Yahoo finance needs cookie


Yahoo Finance now requires cookies to download the data and it becomes difficult to automate the downloading of historical data. I had to change the default provider to Google. However, it is not possible to get historical prices for European markets. For these one, quandl seems to be the best alternative as there is a dedicated module to get the data quandl. However, historical data do not get as far as Google’s. See StockPrices.


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