Snippets of codesΒΆ

Enumerate all coordinates


from pymlbenchmark.plotting.plot_helper import list_col_options
from pandas import DataFrame
df = DataFrame([
    dict(i=1, t='aa', x=0.5),
    dict(i=2, t='bb', x=0.5),
    dict(i=2, t='aa', x=0.5),
for opt in list_col_options(df, ['i', 't']):

# if None...
print(list_col_options(df, None))


    {'i': 1, 't': 'aa'}
    {'i': 1, 't': 'bb'}
    {'i': 2, 't': 'aa'}
    {'i': 2, 't': 'bb'}

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Plot benchmark improvments

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


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Plot benchmark results

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