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__init__ module pymlbenchmark Benchmarks about Machine Learning in Python. source on GitHub
__init__ module pymlbenchmark.benchmark Shortcut to benchmark. source on GitHub
__init__ module pymlbenchmark.context Shortcut to context. source on GitHub
__init__ module pymlbenchmark.datasets Shortcut to datasets. source on GitHub
__init__ module pymlbenchmark.external Shortcut to external. source on GitHub
__init__ module pymlbenchmark.plotting Shortcuts to plotting. source on GitHub
artificial module pymlbenchmark.datasets.artificial Artificial datasets. source on GitHub
bench_helper module pymlbenchmark.benchmark.bench_helper Implements a benchmark about performance. source on GitHub
benchmark_perf module pymlbenchmark.benchmark.benchmark_perf Implements a benchmark about performance. source on GitHub
machine module pymlbenchmark.context.machine Helpers which returns more information about the system. source on GitHub
onnxruntime_perf module pymlbenchmark.external.onnxruntime_perf Implements a benchmark about performance for onnxruntime source on GitHub
onnxruntime_perf_list module pymlbenchmark.external.onnxruntime_perf_list Returns predefined tests. source on GitHub
plot_bench module pymlbenchmark.plotting.plot_bench Plotting for benchmarks. source on GitHub
plot_helper module pymlbenchmark.plotting.plot_helper Plotting helpers source on GitHub
real_data module pymlbenchmark.datasets.real_data Artificial datasets. source on GitHub
sklearn_helper module pymlbenchmark.benchmark.sklearn_helper Helpers about scikit-learn. source on GitHub