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__init__ module pymmails Module pymmails. Functions to automatically grab and send mails. source on GitHub
__init__ module pymmails.grabber Shortcuts to grabber source on GitHub
__init__ module pymmails.helpers Shortcuts to helpers source on GitHub
__init__ module pymmails.render Shortcuts to render source on GitHub
__init__ module pymmails.sender Shortcuts to sender source on GitHub
additional_mime_type module pymmails.grabber.additional_mime_type additional mapping between mime types and extensions source on GitHub
buffer_files_writing module pymmails.helpers.buffer_files_writing Buffer files writing source on GitHub
email_message module pymmails.grabber.email_message define an Email grabbed from a server. source on GitHub
email_message_list_renderer module pymmails.render.email_message_list_renderer Functions to dump emails source on GitHub
email_message_renderer module pymmails.render.email_message_renderer Functions to dump emails source on GitHub
email_message_style module pymmails.render.email_message_style HTML style to display an Email source on GitHub
email_sender module pymmails.sender.email_sender Functions to send emails source on GitHub
helpers_exceptions module pymmails.helpers.helpers_exceptions Exception for subfolders helpers source on GitHub
iter_helper module pymmails.helpers.iter_helper Helpers with iterator source on GitHub
mail_exception module pymmails.grabber.mail_exception Exception source on GitHub
mailbox_mock module pymmails.grabber.mailbox_mock Defines a mailbox using IMAP source on GitHub
mailboximap module pymmails.grabber.mailboximap Defines a mailbox using IMAP source on GitHub
pop_helper module pymmails.grabber.pop_helper Helper around POP server source on GitHub
renderer module pymmails.render.renderer Functions to dump emails source on GitHub
renderer_exceptions module pymmails.render.renderer_exceptions Exceptions. source on GitHub