Source code for pymyinstall.packaged.packaged_config_1_pyensae

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines different a set of usual modules for Python.


[docs]def pyensae_set(): """ list of modules needed to run unit test of module *pyensae* :githublink:`%|py|11` """ from .packaged_config_0_pyquickhelper import pyquickhelper_set from .packaged_config_4_ml import ensae_set names = pyquickhelper_set() names += [ "antlr4-python3-runtime", "beautifulsoup4", "branca", "cffi", "dbfread", "folium", # maps "ijson", "mpl_finance", "pyquickhelper", "soupsieve", "yahoo-historical", ] for m in ensae_set(): if"azure"): names.append(m) from .automate_install import find_module_install return [find_module_install(_) for _ in names if _ is not None]