Source code for pymyinstall.packaged.packaged_config_3_extended

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a set of modules for more machine learning, tools, networks, visualization.

import sys
from ..installhelper.module_install import ModuleInstall
from .config_helper import is_64bit

[docs]def extended_set(): """ list of modules to install, an rich set, to work with data and more, it requires the modules in set *small* :githublink:`%|py|14` """ mod = [ ModuleInstall("m2r", "pip", purpose="M2R converts a markdown file including reStructuredText (rst) markups to a valid rst format."), ModuleInstall("CommonMark", "pip", mname="commonmark", purpose="Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec"), ModuleInstall("recommonmark", "pip", purpose="For pymc3???"), ModuleInstall("algopy", "pip", usage="OPTIM", purpose="ALGOPY: Taylor Arithmetic Computation and Algorithmic Differentiation"), ModuleInstall("numdifftools", "pip", usage="OPTIM", purpose="Solves automatic numerical differentiation problems in one or more variables."), ModuleInstall("numpydoc", "pip", purpose="Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format"), ModuleInstall("Automat", "pip", mname="automat", purpose="Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go."), ModuleInstall("guidata", "pip" if not sys.platform.startswith("win") else "wheel2", purpose="Automatic graphical user interfaces generation for easy dataset editing and display"), ModuleInstall( "guiqwt", "wheel", purpose="Efficient 2D plotting Python library based on PythonQwt (Spyder)"), ModuleInstall( "QtAwesome", "pip", mname="qtawesome", purpose="QtAwesome enables iconic fonts such as Font Awesome and Elusive Icons in PyQt and PySide applications."), ModuleInstall( "natgrid", "wheel", mname="mpl_toolkits.natgrid", purpose="Python interface to NCAR natgrid library (for matplotlib)"), ModuleInstall( "py", "pip", purpose="library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities"), ModuleInstall("pluggy", "pip", purpose="plugin and hook calling mechanisms for python"), ModuleInstall("atomicwrites", "pip", purpose="Atomic file writes."), ModuleInstall("pytest", "pip", purpose="pytest: simple powerful testing with Python"), ModuleInstall( "blist", "wheel", purpose="a list-like type with better asymptotic performance and similar performance on small lists"), ModuleInstall( "blz", "wheel", purpose="blz: a compressed data container"), ModuleInstall("pamela", "pip", purpose="An interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) " + "library on linux, written in pure python (using ctypes)") if not sys.platform.startswith("win") else None, ModuleInstall("async_generator", "pip", purpose="for jupyterhup"), ModuleInstall("python_oauth2", "pip", purpose="for jupyterhup"), ModuleInstall( "jupyterhub", "pip", purpose="JupyterHub: A multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks", usage="JUPYTER") if not sys.platform.startswith("win") else None, ModuleInstall('rpy2', 'wheel', purpose="interact with R (R_HOME needs to be set up on Linux)", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall('python-pptx', 'pip', mname="pptx", purpose="read/write PowerPoint presentation"), ModuleInstall( 'python-docx', 'pip', mname="docx", purpose="read/write Word document"), # ModuleInstall('flasksphinx', 'pip', purpose="serves Sphinx # documentation through a Flask server"), # issue with Python 3 ModuleInstall( 'cffi', 'wheel', usage="C++", purpose="Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code."), ModuleInstall( 'datashape', 'pip', purpose="A data description language."), ModuleInstall( 'ordereddict', 'pip', purpose="Python's collections.OrderedDict") if sys.version_info[0] == 2 else None, ModuleInstall( 'cyordereddict', 'wheel', purpose="Cython implementation of Python's collections.OrderedDict"), ModuleInstall('dynd', 'wheel', purpose="DyND-Python, a component of the Blaze project, " + "is the Python exposure of the DyND dynamic multi-dimensional array library.") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 else None, ModuleInstall("mpmath", "pip", purpose="mpmath is a free (BSD licensed) Python library for real and complex " + "floating-point arithmetic with arbitrary precision."), ModuleInstall( 'sympy', 'pip', purpose="SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics."), ModuleInstall('gmpy2', 'wheel', purpose="big real numbers (issue on Linux and Anaconda)"), ModuleInstall('llvmlite', 'wheel', purpose="lightweight wrapper around basic LLVM functionality, check issue " + " for missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll"), ModuleInstall('numba', 'wheel', usage="C++", purpose="Numba is an Open Source NumPy-aware optimizing compiler for Python sponsored by Continuum Analytics, Inc."), ModuleInstall('scikit-image', 'wheel', mname='skimage', purpose="scikit-image is a collection of algorithms for image processing."), ModuleInstall( 'cvxopt', 'wheel', purpose="linear, quadratique optimization", usage="OPTIM"), ModuleInstall( 'PyWavelets', 'wheel', mname='pywt', purpose="wavelets computation", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall('pyclustering', 'pip', purpose="many kinds of clustering (Optics, DBScan, x-means, ...)", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall( 'pycosat', 'wheel', purpose="PicoSAT is a popular SAT solver written by Armin Biere in pure C."), ModuleInstall('pyshp', 'pip', mname='shapefile', purpose="Pure Python read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format"), ModuleInstall('Shapely', 'wheel', mname='shapely', purpose="Manipulation and analysis of geometric objects in the Cartesian plane."), ModuleInstall('descartes', 'pip', purpose="Use Shapely or GeoJSON-like geometric objects as matplotlib paths and patches"), ModuleInstall('geopandas', 'pip', purpose="GeoPandas is an open source project to make working with geospatial data in python easier. "), ModuleInstall( 'vispy', 'pip', purpose="Vispy is a high-performance interactive 2D/3D data visualization library."), ModuleInstall( 'selenium', 'pip', purpose="Python wrapper for Selenium", usage="NETWORK"), ModuleInstall( 'splinter', 'pip', purpose="browser abstraction for web acceptance testing", usage="NETWORK"), ModuleInstall( 'pygame', 'wheel', purpose="GUI, interface for games (needs to be installed from on Linux)", usage="GUI"), ModuleInstall( 'Kivy', 'wheel', mname='kivy', usage="GUI", purpose="GUI, interface for games, mobile (use sudo apt-get install python3-kivy on Linux)"), ModuleInstall('kivy-garden', 'pip', mname='', purpose="Garden tool for kivy flowers.", usage="GUI"), ModuleInstall( 'py4j', 'pip', purpose="Enables Python programs to dynamically access arbitrary Java objects"), ModuleInstall( 'lockfile', 'pip', purpose="Platform-independent file locking module"), ModuleInstall('python-daemon', 'pip', mname="daemon", purpose="Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process (for luigi)"), ModuleInstall('cached_property', 'pip', purpose="A decorator for caching properties in classes (for luigi)"), ModuleInstall('luigi', 'pip', purpose="workflows, data workflows", usage="WORKFLOW"), # ModuleInstall('setproctitle', 'wheel', purpose="A Python module to customize the process title"), # thrift only works only for Python 2.7 ModuleInstall( 'ply', 'pip', purpose="Python Lex & Yacc (for thrifty)"), ModuleInstall( 'thrift', 'pip', purpose="Python bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system"), ModuleInstall( 'thriftpy', 'pip', purpose="pure python implemention of Apache Thrift."), # ModuleInstall('airflow', 'pip'), # does not work on Python 3 ModuleInstall( 'branca', 'pip', purpose="", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall('folium', 'pip', usage="VIZ", purpose="This library is a spinoff from folium, that would host the " + "non-map-specific features. It may become a HTML+JS generation " + "library in the future."), ModuleInstall( 'osmapi', 'pip', purpose="Python wrapper for the OSM API", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall('geographiclib', 'pip', purpose="This implements algorithms for geodesics (Karney, 2013) for solving " + "the direct and inverse problems for an ellipsoid of revolution."), ModuleInstall('geopy', 'pip', purpose="Python Geocoding Toolbox", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall('pyproj', 'wheel', purpose="python interface to PROJ4 library for cartographic transformations " + ", needed by cartopy", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall('geojson', 'pip', purpose="Functions for encoding and decoding GeoJSON formatted data"), # Deprecated # ModuleInstall('basemap', 'wheel', mname='mpl_toolkits.basemap', # purpose="maps extension for matplotlib", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall('Cartopy', 'wheel', mname="cartopy", purpose="Cartopy is a Python package designed to make drawing maps for data analysis " + "and visualisation as easy as possible (issue on Linux and Anaconda)", usage="VIZ"), # the module cartopy requires GEOS # ModuleInstall("python3-linkedin", "pip", mname="linkedin", purpose="Python Interface to the LinkedIn API"), # access to linkedin ModuleInstall( "oauthlib", "pip", purpose="A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic"), ModuleInstall("requests-oauthlib", "pip", mname="requests_oauthlib", purpose="OAuthlib authentication support for Requests."), ModuleInstall("antlr4-python3-runtime", "pip", mname="antlr4", purpose="antlr4 runtime, grammar parser"), # ModuleInstall("unqlite", "pip"), # # key/value store (NoSQL) ModuleInstall("pycontracts", "pip", mname="contracts", # version="1.7.6", purpose="PyContracts is a Python package that allows to declare constraints on function parameters " + "and return values, setup for version 1.7.7 is bugged"), # ModuleInstall( "ecdsa", "pip", purpose="ECDSA cryptographic signature library (pure python)"), ModuleInstall("winrandom", "wheel", purpose="This module gives direct access to Windows Cryptographic API CryptGetRandom() function, " + "which is cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) on Windows:"), ModuleInstall("pycrypto", "wheel2", mname="Crypto", purpose="Cryptographic modules for Python (not available on x64 and Python 3)"), ModuleInstall("pycryptodomex", "pip", mname="Cryptodome", purpose="Cryptographic modules for Python (not available on x64 and Python 3)"), ModuleInstall("xxhash", "wheel", purpose="xxHash is an Extremely fast Hash algorithm, running at RAM speed limits."), ModuleInstall("cryptography", "pip", purpose="cryptography is a package which provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers."), ModuleInstall( "pyasn1", "pip", purpose="ASN.1 types and codecs (for pysnmp)"), ModuleInstall("asn1crypto", "pip", purpose="Fast ASN.1 parser and serializer with definitions for private keys, " + "public keys, certificates, CRL, OCSP, CMS, PKCS#3, PKCS#7, PKCS#8, PKCS#12, PKCS#5, X.509 and TSP"), ModuleInstall("PyNaCl", "pip", mname="nacl", purpose="Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library", usage="NETWORK"), ModuleInstall("bcrypt", "pip", purpose="Modern password hashing for your software and your servers"), ModuleInstall("paramiko", "pip", purpose="SSH2 protocol library", usage="NETWORK"), # # # 2015-02-05 # ModuleInstall("autopy3", "wheel", purpose="A simple, cross-platform GUI automation toolkit for Python 3 " + "(issue on Linux and Anaconda)") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 else None, # simulate events # large double ModuleInstall("bigfloat", "wheel", purpose="big float (issue with Linux and Anaconda)"), # convex optimization, depends on CVXOPT ModuleInstall( "scs", "wheel", purpose="Solves convex cone programs via operator splitting.", usage="OPTIM"), ModuleInstall( "ecos", "wheel", purpose="ECOS is a numerical software for solving convex second-order cone programs (SOCPs)", usage="OPTIM"), ModuleInstall( "CVXcanon", "wheel", purpose="A low-level library to perform the matrix building step in cvxpy, " + "a convex optimization modeling software.", usage="OPTIM") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall( "fastcache", "wheel", purpose="C implementation of Python 3 lru_cache for Python."), ModuleInstall( "multiprocess", "wheel", purpose="better multiprocessing and multithreading in python"), ModuleInstall("osqp", "wheel", purpose="The OSQP (Operator Splitting Quadratic Program) solver is a numerical optimization package for solving " + "quadratic problems") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("cvxpy", "pip", usage="OPTIM", purpose="linear, quadratic optimization, depends on cvxopt") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, # to install packages with conda ModuleInstall("libLAS", "wheel", mname="liblas", purpose="libLAS is a C/C++ library for reading and writing the very common LAS LiDAR format."), ModuleInstall( "liblinear", "wheel", purpose="A Library for Large Linear Classification"), ModuleInstall("marisa_trie", "wheel", purpose="Static memory-efficient & fast Trie-like structures for Python (based on marisa-trie C++ library)"), ModuleInstall( "mlpy", "wheel", purpose="mlpy is a Python module for Machine Learning built on top of NumPy/SciPy, has wavelets"), ModuleInstall( "pygit2", "wheel", purpose="Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library, " + "libgit2 implements the core of Git."), ModuleInstall( "pymongo", "wheel", purpose="Python wrapper for MongoDB", usage="NoSQL"), ModuleInstall("psycopg2", "wheel", purpose="Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter"), ModuleInstall( "PyOpenGL", "wheel", mname="OpenGL", purpose="use OpenGL in Python"), ModuleInstall( "PyOpenGL_accelerate", "wheel", mname="OpenGL_accelerate", purpose="Acceleration code for PyOpenGL"), ModuleInstall('pymc', 'wheel', web="", purpose="Monte Carlo computation", usage="DATA/ML") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 else None, ModuleInstall('autograd', 'pip', purpose="Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code."), # The following package rely on theano (deprecated). # ModuleInstall('pymc3', 'github', "pymc-devs", web="", # purpose="Monte Carlo computation (Python 3 only)", usage="DATA/ML") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 else None, # ModuleInstall('pysterior', 'pip', # purpose="pysterior is a machine learning library for Python which aims to make Bayesian parametric regression and " + # "classification models accessible and easy to use. The library allows users to construct " + # "supervised learning models using an intuitive interface similar to that used by scikit-learn.", # usage="DATA/ML") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 else None, ModuleInstall( "pyqtgraph", "pip", purpose="Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python, depends on PySide", usage="GUI"), ModuleInstall("deap", "pip", purpose="deep learning"), # for gensim and distributed ModuleInstall("jmespath", "pip", purpose="JSON Matching Expressions"), # for gensim ModuleInstall("bz2file", "pip", purpose="process bz2 files"), # for gensim ModuleInstall("smart_open", "pip", purpose="Utils for streaming large files (S3, HDFS, gzip, bz2...), provides the same API for many format"), ModuleInstall("httpretty", "pip", purpose="HTTP client mock for Python"), ModuleInstall("gensim", "wheel", purpose="genetic algorithm"), # ModuleInstall("pybrain", "pip"), # some issues with the code # (relative import are not well handled in version 0.3.3 ModuleInstall("h5py", "wheel", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="The h5py package is a Pythonic interface to the HDF5 binary data format. " + "Trillion-Particle Simulation."), ModuleInstall("Keras-Applications", "pip", mname="keras_applications", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="Keras Applications is the applications module of the Keras deep learning " + "library. It provides model definitions and pre-trained weights for a number of " + "popular archictures, such as VGG16, ResNet50, Xception, MobileNet, and more."), ModuleInstall("Keras-Preprocessing", "pip", mname="keras_processing", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="Keras Preprocessing is the data preprocessing and data augmentation module " + "of the Keras deep learning library. It provides utilities for working with image " + "data, text data, and sequence data."), ModuleInstall("keras", "pip", purpose="deep learning", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("keras-vis", "pip", mname="vis", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="keras-vis is a high-level toolkit for visualizing and debugging your trained keras neural net models."), # Bayesian ModuleInstall( "bayespy", "pip", purpose="bayesian modelling and computation", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall( "numexpr", "wheel", purpose="Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python, NumPy, PyTables, pandas, bcolz and more."), # ModuleInstall("glue-core", "pip", mname="glue.core", purpose="Multidimensional data visualzation across files"), ModuleInstall("glue-vispy-viewers", "pip", mname="glue_vispy_viewers", purpose="Vispy-based viewers for Glue"), ModuleInstall("glueviz", "pip", mname="glue", purpose="ploting, Multidimensional data visualzation across files", usage="DATA/ML"), # ModuleInstall("pandas-highcharts", "pip", mname="pandas_highcharts", purpose="plotting in javascript and pandas", usage="VIZ"), # ModuleInstall( "heapdict", "pip", purpose="a heap with decrease-key and increase-key operations"), ModuleInstall( "chest", "pip", purpose="Simple on-disk dictionary"), ModuleInstall( "locket", "pip", purpose="File-based locks for Python for Linux and Windows"), ModuleInstall( "partd", "pip", purpose="Appendable key-value storage"), ModuleInstall( "dill", "pip", purpose="serialize all of python (almost), Dill extends python's pickle module for serializing " + "and de-serializing python objects to the majority of the built-in python types."), # for dask ModuleInstall("cloudpickle", "pip", purpose="Extended pickling support for Python objects") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, # parallel computation ModuleInstall( "dask", "pip", purpose="parallization of operations with dataframe", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall( "scoop", "pip", purpose="SCOOP (Scalable COncurrent Operations in Python) " + "is a distributed task module allowing concurrent parallel programming on various environments, " + "from heterogeneous grids to supercomputers", usage="DATA/ML"), # ModuleInstall( "docopt", "pip", purpose="Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile"), ModuleInstall("pycurl", "wheel", purpose="PycURL, a interface to the libcurl library. (for grab)"), ModuleInstall("markdown2", "pip", purpose="markdown parser"), ModuleInstall( "structures", "pip", purpose="User-friendly library for creating data structures."), ModuleInstall( "tzlocal", "pip", purpose="tzinfo object for the local timezone"), ModuleInstall( "funcsigs", "pip", purpose="Python function signatures from PEP362"), ModuleInstall( "apscheduler", "pip", purpose="to schedule the execution of jobs, tasks"), # # ModuleInstall("pdfminer", "pip"), # PDF extraction (no python 3 version) # ModuleInstall("minecart", "pip"), # PDF extraction (no python 3 version) # # ModuleInstall("pygauss", "pip"), # molecule, bio-informatic, # requires PIL which is deprecated # # July 2015 # ModuleInstall( "pyexecjs", "pip", mname="execjs", purpose="Run JavaScript code from Python (for pyreact)", usage="NETWORK"), ModuleInstall("pyreact", "pip", mname="react", purpose="Python bridge to JSX & the React JavaScript library. (for pyxley)", usage="NETWORK"), ModuleInstall( "pyxley", "pip", purpose="A pure-Python SNMPv1/v2c/v3 library", usage="NETWORK"), # # 2015-08 # ModuleInstall( "pysmi", "pip", purpose="SNMP SMI/MIB Parser (for pysnmp)"), ModuleInstall( "pysnmp", "pip", purpose="A pure-Python SNMPv1/v2c/v3 library", usage="NETWORK"), # pyinstaller does not install properly on Windows # ModuleInstall( # "pyinstaller", "pip", purpose="Converts (packages) Python programs into stand-alone # executables, under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX and Solaris."), ModuleInstall( "imageio", "pip", purpose="Library for reading and writing a wide range of image, video, " + "scientific, and volumetric data formats (for moviepy)", usage="VIDEO"), ModuleInstall( "cairocffi", "wheel2", purpose="cairocffi is a CFFI-based drop-in replacement for Pycairo, " + "a set of Python bindings and object-oriented API for cairo"), ModuleInstall("tinycss2", "pip", purpose="tinycss2 is a complete yet simple CSS parser for Python. " + "It supports the full syntax and error handling for CSS 2.1 as well as some CSS 3 modules"), ModuleInstall("cssselect2", "pip", purpose="CSS selectors for Python ElementTree"), ModuleInstall( "cairosvg", "pip", purpose="Convert your SVG files to PDF and PNG."), ModuleInstall( "gizeh", "pip", purpose="Simple Vector Graphics for Python"), ModuleInstall("imageio-ffmpeg", "pip", mname="imageio_ffmpeg", purpose="ffmpeg", usage="VIDEO"), ModuleInstall( "proglog", "pip", purpose="Progress bar."), ModuleInstall( "moviepy", "pip", purpose="Video editing with Python", usage="VIDEO"), ModuleInstall( "xgboost", "wheel", purpose="Parallelized Stochastic Gradient Descent (only available on " + "Python 3 and x64)", usage="DATA/ML") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 and is_64bit() else None, ModuleInstall( "catboost", "pip", purpose="CatBoost is a machine learning method based on gradient boosting " + "over decision trees.", usage="DATA/ML") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 and is_64bit() else None, ModuleInstall( "lightgbm", "pip", purpose="Parallelized Stochastic Gradient Descent (only available on " + "Python 3 and x64)", usage="DATA/ML") if sys.version_info[0] >= 3 and is_64bit() else None, ModuleInstall("pygling", "pip", purpose="to build makefile with python") if sys.version_info[0] == 2 else None, ModuleInstall("cuda4py", "pip", purpose="Python cffi CUDA bindings and helper classes"), ModuleInstall("whoosh", "pip", purpose="search engine in Python"), ModuleInstall("pymatbridge", "pip", purpose="pymatbridge is a set of python and matlab functions to allow these two systems to talk to each other"), ModuleInstall("scilab2py", "pip", purpose="Python to Scilab bridge", usage="DATA/ML"), # ModuleInstall("scilab_kernel", "pip", # purpose="A Scilab kernel for IPython", usage="JUPYTER"), # does not work ModuleInstall("pymssql", "wheel", usage="SQL", purpose="A simple database interface for Python that builds on top of FreeTDS " + "to provide a Python DB-API (PEP-249) interface to Microsoft SQL Server."), ModuleInstall("PyMySQL", "pip", mname="pymysql", purpose="Pure-Python MySQL Driver", usage="SQL"), ModuleInstall("mysqlclient", "wheel", mname="MySQLdb", purpose="MySQL driver written in Python which does not depend on MySQL C client libraries and " + "implements the DB API v2.0 specification (PEP-249).", usage="SQL"), ModuleInstall("memory-profiler", "pip", mname="memory_profiler", purpose="A module for monitoring memory usage of a python program", usage="PROFILING"), ModuleInstall("pyinstrument_cext", "pip", usage="PROFILING", purpose="Pyinstrument's C extensions - reducing the overhead of statistical profilers"), ModuleInstall("pyinstrument", "pip", usage="PROFILING", purpose="A Python profiler that records the call stack of the executing code, " + "instead of just the final function in it."), ModuleInstall("gprof2dot", "pip", usage="PROFILING", purpose="This is a Python script to convert the output from many profilers into a dot graph."), ModuleInstall("vprof", "pip", usage="PROFILING", purpose="vprof is a Python package providing rich and interactive visualizations for various Python " + "program characteristics such as running time and memory usage."), ModuleInstall("snakeviz", "pip", purpose="SnakeViz is a browser based graphical viewer for the output of Python’s cProfile module.", usage="PROFILING"), ModuleInstall("httplib2", "pip", purpose="A comprehensive HTTP client library."), ModuleInstall("rsa", "pip", purpose="Pure-Python RSA implementation"), ModuleInstall("oauth2client", "pip", purpose="The oauth2client is a client library for OAuth 2.0."), ModuleInstall("uritemplate", "pip", purpose="URI templates"), ModuleInstall("jeepney", "pip", purpose="This is a low-level, pure Python DBus protocol client. It has an I/O-free core, and " + \ "integration modules for different event loops."), ModuleInstall("secretstorage", "pip", purpose="This module provides a way for securely storing passwords and other secrets."), ModuleInstall("keyring", "pip", purpose="Store and access your passwords safely."), # ModuleInstall("keyrings.alt", "pip", mname="keyrings.alt", # purpose="Alternate keyring implementations"), ModuleInstall("pyotp", "pip", purpose="PyOTP is a Python library for generating and verifying one-time passwords."), ModuleInstall("param", "pip", purpose="Declarative Python programming using Parameters."), ModuleInstall("pyviz_comms", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Bidirectional communication for PyViz."), ModuleInstall("holoviews", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Composable, declarative data structures for building complex visualizations easily."), ModuleInstall("geoviews", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Composable, declarative data structures for building complex visualizations easily."), ModuleInstall("retrying", "pip", purpose="Retrying is an Apache 2.0 licensed general-purpose retrying library, " + "written in Python, to simplify the task of adding retry behavior to just about anything."), ModuleInstall("plotly", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Plotly's Python graphing library makes interactive, publication-quality graphs online. " + "Examples of how to make line plots, " + "scatter plots, area charts, bar charts, error bars, box plots, histograms, heatmaps, subplots, multiple-axes, " + "polar charts and bubble charts."), ModuleInstall("colorlover", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Color scales for IPython notebook"), ModuleInstall("TA_Lib", "wheel", mname="talib", purpose="This is a Python wrapper for TA-LIB based on Cython instead of SWIG."), ModuleInstall("cufflinks", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Productivity Tools for Plotly + Pandas"), ModuleInstall("lightning-python", "pip", mname="lightning", usage="VIZ", purpose="Python client for the lightning API"), ModuleInstall("passlib", "pip", purpose="comprehensive password hashing framework supporting over 30 schemes"), ModuleInstall("plac", "pip", purpose="The smartest command line arguments parser in the world"), ModuleInstall("pyOpenSSL", "pip", mname="OpenSSL", purpose="Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library"), ModuleInstall("w3lib", "pip", purpose="Library of web-related functions"), # ModuleInstall('python-cloudfiles-hubic', 'github', "Gu1", mname="cloudfiles", # web="", # purpose="access to Hubic"), # ModuleInstall('onedrive-sdk-python', 'github', "OneDrive", mname="onedrivesdk", # web="", # purpose="access to OneDrive"), # ModuleInstall('rlpy', 'pip', usage="DATA/ML", # purpose="RLPy is a framework to conduct sequential decision making # experiments. The current focus of this project lies on # value-function-based reinforcement learning, specifically using # linear function approximators (only Python 2.7)."), ModuleInstall('wordcloud', 'wheel', usage="VIZ", purpose="A little word cloud generator in Python."), ModuleInstall('pytagcloud', 'pip', purpose="Create beautiful tag clouds as images or HTML"), # distributed ModuleInstall('tblib', 'pip', purpose="Traceback fiddling library. For now allows you to pickle tracebacks and raise exceptions with pickled " + "tracebacks in different processes. This allows better error handling when running code over " + "multiple processes (imagine multiprocessing, billiard, futures, celery etc)"), ModuleInstall("zict", "pip", purpose="The dictionary / mutable mapping interface is powerful and multi-faceted."), # pdf ModuleInstall("pyPdf", "github", "sdpython", usage="PDF", pipgit=True, branch="trunk", purpose="read PDF"), ModuleInstall("pdfrw", "pip", usage="PDF", purpose="PDF file reader/writer library"), # 2016-05 ModuleInstall("pydub", "pip", usage="MUSIC", purpose="Pydub lets you do stuff to audio in a way that isn't stupid."), ModuleInstall("cobble", "pip", purpose="Cobble is a Python library that allows easy creation of data objects, " + "including implementations of common methods such as __eq__ and __repr__."), ModuleInstall("parsimonious", "pip", purpose="(Soon to be) the fastest pure-Python PEG parser I could muster"), ModuleInstall( "mammoth", "pip", purpose="Convert Word documents from docx to simple and clean HTML and Markdown"), # # 2016-06 # # ModuleInstall("ipython-sql", "pip", purpose="RDBMS access via IPython", usgae="JUPYTER"), ModuleInstall("julia", "pip", purpose="Julia/Python bridge with IPython support", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("octave_kernel", "pip", purpose="A Jupyter kernel for Octave."), ModuleInstall("oct2py", "pip", purpose="Python to GNU Octave bridge --> run m-files from python.", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("pg8000", "pip", purpose="A Pure-Python PostgreSQL", usage="SQL"), ModuleInstall("PyMeta3", "pip", mname="pymeta", purpose="Pattern-matching language based on OMeta for Python 3 and 2"), # ModuleInstall("ViTables", "pip", mname="vitables", # purpose="A viewer for PyTables package"), ModuleInstall("pybars3", "pip", mname="pybar", purpose="Handlebars.js templating"), ModuleInstall("", "pip", mname="db.tables", purpose=" is an easier way to interact with your databases. It makes it easier " + "to explore tables, columns, views, etc. " + "It puts the emphasis on user interaction, information display, and providing easy to use helper functions."), ModuleInstall("clyent", "pip", purpose="Command line client Library for windows and posix"), ModuleInstall("chalmers", "pip", purpose="Chalmers is an application that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on any " + "operating system (Posix and Win32 included)"), ModuleInstall("pyct", "pip", purpose="A utility package"), ModuleInstall("colorcet", "pip", purpose="colorcet is a collection of perceptually uniform colormaps for use with Python plotting programs " + "like bokeh, matplotlib, holoviews, and datashader."), ModuleInstall("datashader", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Datashader is a graphics pipeline system for creating meaningful representations " + "of large amounts of data.") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("dnspython", "pip", usage="WEB", purpose="dnspython is a DNS toolkit for Python. It supports almost all record types. It can be used for queries, " + "zone transfers, and dynamic updates. It supports TSIG authenticated messages and EDNS0."), ModuleInstall("grin", "pip", usage="CLI", purpose="A grep program configured the way I like it."), ModuleInstall("ldap3", "pip", usage="WEB", purpose="ldap3 is a strictly RFC 4510 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client library."), ModuleInstall("mpi4py", "wheel", purpose="MPI for Python"), ModuleInstall("mss", "pip", mname="mms", purpose="An ultra fast cross-platform multiple screenshots module in pure python using ctypes"), # # June 2016 # ModuleInstall("pyglet", "pip", usage="GUI", purpose="a cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python"), ModuleInstall("geoplotlib", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="geoplotlib is a python toolbox for visualizing geographical data and making maps"), ModuleInstall("leather", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Leather is the Python charting library for those who need charts now and don’t care if they’re perfect."), ModuleInstall("pythreejs", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="A Python / ThreeJS bridge utilizing the Jupyter widget infrastructure."), ModuleInstall("missingno", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Messy datasets? Missing values? missingno provides a small toolset of flexible and easy-to-use " + "missing data visualizations and utilities that allows you to get a quick visual summary of the completeness " + "(or lack thereof) of your dataset."), ModuleInstall("vega", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Python/Jupyter notebook module for Vega, and Vega-Lite, Polestar, and Voyager. Notebooks " + "with embedded visualizations can be viewed on github and nbviewer."), ModuleInstall("pydy", "pip", purpose="Multibody Dynamics with Python"), ModuleInstall("apache-libcloud", "pip", mname="libcloud", purpose="A standard Python library that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud provider APIs."), ModuleInstall("click-plugins", "pip", mname="click_plugins", purpose="An extension module for click to enable registering CLI commands via setuptools entry-points."), ModuleInstall("munch", "pip", purpose="A dot-accessible dictionary (a la JavaScript objects)."), ModuleInstall("cligj", "pip", purpose="Click params for commmand line interfaces to GeoJSON"), ModuleInstall("Fiona", "wheel", usage="GEO", mname="fiona", purpose="Fiona is OGR’s neat, nimble, no-nonsense API for Python programmers."), ModuleInstall("brythonmagic", "pip", purpose="Magics to use brython in Jupyter notebook."), ModuleInstall( "asteval", "pip", purpose="Safe, minimalistic evaluator of python expression using ast module"), ModuleInstall( "uncertainties", "pip", purpose="uncertainties allows calculations such as (2 +/- 0.1)*2 = 4 " + "+/- 0.2 to be performed transparently."), ModuleInstall( "lmfit", "pip", purpose="Least-Squares Minimization with Bounds and Constraints", usage="OPTIM"), # # August, September, October, December 2016 # ModuleInstall('QInfer', 'pip', mname="qinfer", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="QInfer is a library using Bayesian sequential Monte Carlo for quantum parameter estimation."), ModuleInstall('pscript', 'pip', purpose="for flexx"), ModuleInstall('webruntime', 'pip', purpose="for flexx"), ModuleInstall('dialite', 'pip', purpose="for flexx"), ModuleInstall('flexx', 'pip', usage="GUI", purpose="Flexx is a pure Python toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI's), " + "that uses web technology for its rendering. Apps are written purely in Python; Flexx' " + "transpiler generates the necessary JavaScript on the fly."), ModuleInstall('pypng', 'pip', purpose="Pure Python PNG image encoder/decoder"), ModuleInstall('colormath', 'pip', purpose="Color math and conversion library."), ModuleInstall('arrow', 'pip', purpose="Better dates and times for Python"), ModuleInstall('custom_inherit', 'pip', purpose="A Python package that provides tools for inheriting docstrings in customizable ways."), ModuleInstall('toyplot', 'pip', usage="VIZ", purpose="The kid-sized plotting toolkit for Python with grownup-sized goals."), ModuleInstall('images2gif', 'pip', purpose="Create a GIF from a list of images."), ModuleInstall('hypothesis', 'pip', purpose="Hypothesis is an advanced testing library for Python. It lets you write tests which are parametrized " + "by a source of examples, and then generates simple and comprehensible examples that make your tests fail. " + "This lets you find more bugs in your code with less work."), ModuleInstall('monotonic', 'pip', purpose="This module provides a monotonic() function which returns the value (in fractional seconds) " + "of a clock which never goes backwards. " + "It is compatible with Python 2 and Python 3."), ModuleInstall('fasteners', 'pip', purpose="A python package that provides useful locks."), ModuleInstall('asciitree', 'pip', purpose="Draws ASCII trees."), ModuleInstall('numcodecs', 'wheel', purpose="Numcodecs is a Python package providing buffer compression and transformation codecs for use " + "in data storage and communication applications."), ModuleInstall('zarr', 'pip', purpose="A minimal implementation of chunked, compressed, N-dimensional arrays for Python."), ModuleInstall('rx', 'pip', purpose="Reactive Extensions (Rx) for Python (LINQ)"), ModuleInstall('PySocks', 'pip', mname="socks", purpose="A semi-actively maintained SocksiPy fork. Contains many improvements to the original."), ModuleInstall('pympler', 'pip', purpose="Pympler is a development tool to measure, monitor and analyze the memory behavior of Python " + "objects in a running Python application."), ModuleInstall('fbpca', 'pip', purpose="Functions for principal component analysis (PCA) and accuracy checks."), ModuleInstall('prince', 'pip', purpose="Prince is a factor analysis library for datasets that fit in memory."), ModuleInstall('pivottablejs', 'pip', purpose="PivotTable.js integration for Jupyter/IPython Notebook."), # # January 2017 # ModuleInstall('pystan', 'pip', usage="DATA/ML", purpose="PyStan provides an interface to Stan, a package for Bayesian inference using " + "the No-U-Turn sampler, a variant of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo."), ModuleInstall('ephem', 'pip', purpose="for fbprophet"), ModuleInstall('convertdate', 'pip', purpose="for fbprophet"), ModuleInstall('holidays', 'pip', purpose="for fbprophet"), ModuleInstall('lunardate', 'pip', purpose="for fbprophet"), ModuleInstall('fbprophet', 'pip', usage="DATA/ML", purpose="Prophet is a procedure for forecasting time series data. It is based on an additive " + "model where non-linear trends are fit with yearly and weekly seasonality, plus holidays. " + "It works best with daily periodicity data with at least one year of historical data. " + "Prophet is robust to missing data, shifts in the trend, and large outliers."), ModuleInstall('wikipedia', 'pip', purpose="Wikipedia API for Python"), ModuleInstall('validate_email', 'pip', purpose="Validate_email verify if an email address is valid and really exists."), ModuleInstall('simhash', 'pip', purpose="A Python implementation of Simhash Algorithm"), ModuleInstall('wptools', 'pip', purpose="Wikipedia tools (for Humans)"), # # June 2017 # ModuleInstall('pytest_runner', 'pip', purpose="Setup scripts can use pytest-runner to add test support for pytest runner."), ModuleInstall('fastparquet', 'wheel', purpose="fastparquet is a python implementation of the parquet format, aiming integrate " + "into python-based big data work-flows."), ModuleInstall('citeproc-py', 'pip', mname="citeproc_py", purpose="citeproc-py is a CSL processor for Python. It aims to implement the CSL 1.0.1 specification. " + "citeproc-py can output styled citations and bibliographies in a number of different output formats. " + "Currently supported are plain text, reStructuredText and HTML. Other formats can be added easily."), ModuleInstall('duecredit', 'pip', purpose="Publications (and donations) tracer"), # # September 2017 # ModuleInstall('Brotli', 'wheel', mname="brotli", purpose="Brotli is a generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm that compresses data using a " + "combination of a modern variant of the LZ77 algorithm, Huffman coding and 2nd order context modeling, " + "with a compression ratio comparable to the best currently available general-purpose compression methods. " + "It is similar in speed with deflate but offers more dense compression."), ModuleInstall('fast-histogram', 'wheel2', mname="fast_histogram", purpose="Mizani is a scales package for graphics. It is written in Python and is " + "based on Hadley Wickham's Scales."), ModuleInstall('mizani', 'pip', purpose="Mizani is a scales package for graphics. It is written in Python and is " + "based on Hadley Wickham's Scales."), ModuleInstall('mpl-scatter-density', 'pip', mname="mpl_scatter_density", purpose="Matplotlib helpers to make density scatter plots"), ModuleInstall('pybind11', 'pip', usage="C++", purpose="pybind11 is a lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in Python and vice versa, " + "mainly to create Python bindings of existing C++ code."), ModuleInstall('mypy_extensions', 'pip', purpose="for mypy"), ModuleInstall('mypy', 'pip', purpose="Mypy is an experimental optional static type checker for Python that aims to combine the benefits of " + "dynamic (or 'duck') typing and static typing."), ModuleInstall('pypandoc', 'pip', purpose="Pypandoc provides a thin wrapper for pandoc, a universal document converter."), ModuleInstall('pocket', 'pip', purpose="Access to pocket API."), # # November 2017 # ModuleInstall('seasonal', 'pip', purpose="timeseries", usage="ML"), # # December 2017 # ModuleInstall('gdown', 'pip', purpose="Google Drive direct download of big files."), ModuleInstall('pytube3', 'pip', purpose="play with youtube videos"), # # Mars, Avril 2018 # ModuleInstall('pyjsparser', 'pip', purpose="Fast javascript parser (based on esprima.js)"), ModuleInstall('Js2Py', 'pip', mname="js2py", purpose="JavaScript to Python Translator & JavaScript interpreter written in 100% pure Python."), ModuleInstall('x86cpu', 'wheel', purpose="Uses cpuid instruction to get information about CPU. " + "Queries OS as well as cpuid to see if the OS / CPU supports AVX instructions."), ModuleInstall('pythonnet', 'wheel', mname="clr", purpose="Python binding for C#"), # # July 2018 # ModuleInstall('lml', 'pip', purpose="lml seamlessly finds the lml based plugins from your current python " + "environment but loads your plugins on demand. It is designed to support plugins " + "that have external dependencies, especially bulky and/or memory hungry ones. " + "lml provides the plugin management system only and the plugin interface is on your shoulder."), ModuleInstall('macropy3', 'pip', purpose='MacroPy is an implementation of Syntactic Macros in the Python Programming ' + 'Language. MacroPy provides a mechanism for user-defined functions (macros) to perform ' + 'transformations on the abstract syntax tree (AST) of a Python program at import time. This ' + 'is an easy way to enhance the semantics of a Python program in ways which are otherwise ' + 'impossible, for example providing an extremely concise way of declaring classes.'), ModuleInstall('dukpy', 'pip', purpose='DukPy is a simple javascript interpreter for Python built on top of duktape ' + 'engine without any external dependency. It comes with a bunch of common transpilers ' + 'built-in for convenience.'), ModuleInstall('javascripthon', 'pip', purpose='a Python 3 to ES6 JavaScript translator'), ModuleInstall('pyecharts', 'pip', purpose='pyecharts is a library to generate charts using Echarts. It simply provides ' + 'the interface of 28+ kinds of charts between Echarts and Python.'), ModuleInstall('pyecharts-javascripthon', 'pip', mname='pyecharts_javascripthon', purpose='pyecharts-javascripthon helps translate Python functions into javascript ones. ' + 'It uses javascripthon and dukpy to blend Python codes into javascript runtime. It supports ' + 'python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6. It works on Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms.'), ModuleInstall('pyecharts-snapshot', 'pip', mname='pyecharts_snapshot', purpose='pyecharts-snapshot renders the output of pyecharts as a png, jpeg, gif, svg image ' + 'or a pdf file at command line or in your code.'), ModuleInstall('jupyter-echarts-pypkg', 'pip', mname='jupyter_echarts_pypkg', purpose='The project packages jupyter-echarts and distributes it via pypi.'), ModuleInstall('yahoo-historical', 'pip', mname="yahoo_historical", purpose='Python module to get stock data from Yahoo! Finance'), # # October 2019 # ModuleInstall('wsproto', 'pip', purpose='Pure Python, pure state-machine WebSocket implementation.'), ModuleInstall('h11', 'pip', purpose='This is a little HTTP/1.1 library written from scratch in Python, ' 'heavily inspired by hyper-h2.'), ModuleInstall('httptools', 'pip', purpose='httptools is a Python binding for nodejs HTTP parser. ' 'It\'s still in a very early development stage, expect ' 'APIs to break.'), ModuleInstall('hypercorn', 'pip', purpose='Hypercorn is an ASGI web server based on the sans-io hyper, h11, ' 'h2, and wsproto libraries and inspired by Gunicorn.'), ModuleInstall('priority', 'pip', purpose='Priority is a pure-Python implementation of the priority logic ' 'for HTTP/2.'), ModuleInstall('starlette', 'pip', purpose='Starlette is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, which is ideal ' 'for building high performance asyncio services.'), ModuleInstall('uvicorn', 'pip', purpose='Uvicorn is a lightning-fast ASGI server implementation, ' 'using uvloop and httptools.'), ModuleInstall('websockets', 'pip', purpose='websockets is a library for building WebSocket servers and ' 'clients in Python with a focus on correctness and simplicity.'), # # December 2019 # ModuleInstall('py-spy', 'pip', purpose='profiler implemented in rust, works like a C++ profiler'), ModuleInstall('pydicom', 'pip', purpose='pydicom is a pure python package for working with DICOM files. ' 'It was made for inspecting and modifying DICOM data in an easy ' '"pythonic" way. The modifications can be written again to a new ' 'file.'), ] return [_ for _ in mod if _ is not None]