Source code for pymyinstall.packaged.packaged_config_4_ml

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a set of modules for more machine learning or student projects.

import sys
from ..installhelper.module_install import ModuleInstall

[docs]def ml_set(): """ modules introduced by students or needed for student projects :githublink:`%|py|13` """ return ensae_set()
[docs]def ensae_set(): """ modules introduced by students or needed for student projects, it requires the modules in set *extended* :githublink:`%|py|20` """ mod = [ ModuleInstall( "billiard", "pip", purpose="Python multiprocessing fork with improvements and bugfixes (for celery)"), ModuleInstall( "vine", "pip", purpose="Promises, promises, promises"), ModuleInstall( "amqp", "pip", purpose="Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib) (for celery)"), ModuleInstall( "anyjson", "pip", purpose="Wraps the best available JSON implementation available in a common interface (for celery)"), ModuleInstall( "kombu", "pip", purpose="Messaging library for Python (for celery)"), ModuleInstall( "celery", "pip", purpose="Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing."), ModuleInstall('html2text', 'pip', purpose="Turn HTML into equivalent Markdown-structured text."), ModuleInstall('easy-thumbnails', 'pip', mname="easy_thumbnails", purpose="Easy thumbnails for Django"), ModuleInstall('Versio', 'pip', mname="versio", purpose="localshop dependency, manages versions"), ModuleInstall('django', 'pip', purpose="Django"), ModuleInstall('django-celery', 'pip', mname="djcelery", purpose="localshop dependency, Old django celery integration project."), ModuleInstall('django-configurations', 'pip', mname="configurations", purpose="localshop dependency, A helper for organizing Django settings."), ModuleInstall('django-environ', 'pip', mname="environ", purpose="localshop dependency, Django-environ allows you to utilize 12factor " + "inspired environment variables to configure your Django application."), ModuleInstall('django-model-utils', 'pip', mname="model_utils", purpose="localshop dependency, Django model mixins and utilities."), ModuleInstall('django-storages', 'pip', mname="storages", purpose="localshop dependency, django-storages is a collection of custom storage backends for Django."), ModuleInstall('django-guardian', 'pip', mname="guardian", purpose="localshop dependency, Implementation of per object permissions for Django 1.2 or later."), ModuleInstall('django-userena', 'pip', mname="userena", purpose="localshop dependency, Accounts for Django made beautifully simple"), ModuleInstall('django-uuidfield', 'pip', mname="uuidfield", purpose="localshop dependency, UUIDField in Django"), ModuleInstall("grappelli_safe", "pip", usage="WEB", purpose="A snapshot of the grappelli_2 branch of django-grappelli, packaged as a dependency " + "for the Mezzanine CMS for Django."), ModuleInstall("filebrowser_safe", "pip", usage="WEB", purpose="A snapshot of the filebrowser_3 branch of django-filebrowser, packaged as a " + "dependency for the Mezzanine CMS for Django."), ModuleInstall("django-contrib-comments", "pip", usage="WEB", mname="django_comments", purpose="Django used to include a comments framework; since Django 1.6 it’s " + "been separated to a separate project. This is that project."), ModuleInstall("mezzanine", "pip", usage="WEB", purpose="Mezzanine is a powerful, consistent, and flexible content management platform."), ModuleInstall( 'gunicorn', 'pip', purpose="localshop dependency, WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX"), ModuleInstall( 'netaddr', 'pip', purpose="Pythonic manipulation of IPv4, IPv6, CIDR, EUI and MAC network addresses"), # ModuleInstall('localshop', 'pip', # purpose="run a local pypi server (install it in virtual env as it # overwrites many versions)"), ModuleInstall( "tweepy", "pip", purpose="Python wrapper for the twitter API"), #ModuleInstall("newspaper3k", "pip", mname="newspaper"), ModuleInstall( "mutagen", "pip", purpose="read and write audio tags for many formats in Python 3"), ModuleInstall( "mutagenx", "pip", purpose="read and write audio tags for many formats in Python 3"), ModuleInstall("django-audiotracks", "pip", mname="audiotracks", purpose="read audio with django"), ModuleInstall("ndg-httpsclient", "pip", mname="ndg.httpsclient", purpose="Provides enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL"), ModuleInstall("inflection", "pip", purpose="A port of Ruby on Rails inflector to Python"), ModuleInstall("more-itertools", "pip", mname="more_itertools", purpose="More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools"), ModuleInstall("Quandl", "pip", mname="quandl", purpose="access Quandl API"), ModuleInstall("singledispatch", "pip", purpose="for nltk"), ModuleInstall( "nltk", "pip", purpose="NLP, natural language processing", usage="NLP"), ModuleInstall( "textblob", "pip", purpose="TextBlob is a Python (2 and 3) library for processing textual data. It provides a simple API for " + "diving into common natural language processing (NLP) tasks such as part-of-speech tagging, " + "noun phrase extraction, sentiment analysis, classification, translation, and more."), ModuleInstall( "opencv_python", "wheel", mname="cv2", purpose="OpenVC wrapper", web=""), ModuleInstall("dlib", "pip" if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 6) else "wheel", source="2" if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 6) else None, usage="ML", purpose="A toolkit for making real world machine learning and data analysis applications"), ModuleInstall("PyAudio", "wheel", mname="pyaudio", purpose="PyAudio provides Python bindings for PortAudio v19, the cross-platform audio I/O library. " + "With PyAudio, you can easily use Python to play and record audio " + "streams on a variety of platforms (e.g., GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X)."), ModuleInstall( "zope.interface", "wheel", purpose="interfaces for python"), ModuleInstall( "zope.exceptions", "pip", purpose="Zope exception"), ModuleInstall( "persistent", "wheel", purpose="Objets persistants translucides"), # requires zope.interface, persistents ModuleInstall("BTrees", "wheel", usage="ALGO", purpose="This package contains a set of persistent object containers built around a modified " + "BTree data structure."), ModuleInstall( "datrie", "wheel", purpose="Fast, efficiently stored Trie for Python.", usage="ALGO"), # ModuleInstall("pysparse", "pip"), #does not work ModuleInstall( "mahotas", "wheel", purpose="Mahotas: Computer Vision Library", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall("nitime", "wheel", purpose="Nitime is a library for time-series analysis of data from neuroscience experiments.", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("milk", "wheel", purpose="machine learning toolkit", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("minepy", "wheel", purpose="interface to MineCraft"), ModuleInstall( "NLopt", "wheel", mname="nlopt", purpose="linear, quadratic optimization", web="", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("Pmw", "pip", purpose="Pmw is a toolkit for building high-level compound widgets in Python using the Tkinter module."), ModuleInstall( "pytool", "pip", purpose="A collection of tools for Python"), ModuleInstall( "pytools", "pip", purpose="A collection of tools for Python"), ModuleInstall("pycuda", "wheel", usage="GPU", purpose="PyCUDA lets you access Nvidia's CUDA parallel computation API from Python."), ModuleInstall("pyopencl", "wheel", usage="GPU", purpose="PyOpenCL lets you access the OpenCL parallel computation API from Python."), # ModuleInstall("scikits.cuda", "pip", mname="skcuda"), # no stable # version ModuleInstall( "pylzma", "wheel2", purpose="Python bindings for the LZMA library by Igor Pavlov."), ModuleInstall("nibabel", "pip", purpose="Access a multitude of neuroimaging data formats."), ModuleInstall( "pyodbc", "wheel", purpose="access to protocal ODBC (SQL databases)", usage="SQL"), ModuleInstall( "pypmc", "wheel", purpose="pypmc is a python package focusing on adaptive importance sampling."), ModuleInstall("PyX", "wheel", mname="pyx", purpose="plotting", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall( "scandir", "wheel", purpose="Better directory iterator and faster os.walk(), " + "now in the Python 3.5 stdlib") if sys.version_info[:2] <= (3, 4) else None, ModuleInstall( "backports.lzma", "wheel", purpose="Backport of Python 3.3's 'lzma' module for XZ/LZMA compressed files."), ModuleInstall( "zs", "wheel", purpose="S is a compressed, read-only file format for efficiently distributing, " + "querying, and archiving arbitrarily large record-oriented datasets."), # # teachings # ModuleInstall( "tutormagic", "pip", purpose="brings PythonTutor in a notebok", usage="TEACH"), # to upload a file in a notebook ModuleInstall( "nbupload", "pip", purpose="widget to upload a file in a notebook", usage="JUPYTER"), # see # # ModuleInstall("libsvm", "wheel", mname="svm", purpose="SVM library"), # Bayesian ABC ModuleInstall("abcpmc", "pip", purpose="Monte Carlo and ABC methods"), # ModuleInstall("cosmoabc", "pip"), # Bayesian ABC, only python 2.7 # # ModuleInstall("pyjs", "pip"), # needs manual installation # ModuleInstall("pyjs", "github", "pyjs"), #does not work really # ModuleInstall("pyjsdl", "github", "jggatc"), # no # # # # ModuleInstall("contextlib2", "pip", purpose="Backports and enhancements for the contextlib module"), ModuleInstall( "nuitka", "pip", usage="C++", purpose="C++ compilation, code optimization"), # ModuleInstall("tri", "pip", purpose="Delaunay triangulation"), # only # works on Python 2.7 ModuleInstall( "blosc", "wheel", purpose="Blosc ( is a high performance compressor optimized for binary data."), ModuleInstall( "tables", "wheel", purpose="PyTables is a package for managing hierarchical datasets " + "and designed to efficiently and easily cope with extremely large amounts of data."), ModuleInstall("contextlib2", "pip", purpose="Backports and enhancements for the contextlib module"), ModuleInstall( "sortedcontainers", "pip", purpose="Python Sorted Container Types: SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet"), ModuleInstall("python-editor", "pip", mname="python_editor", purpose="Programmatically open an editor, capture the result."), ModuleInstall( "alembic", "pip", purpose="A database migration tool for SQLAlchemy."), ModuleInstall( "intervaltree", "pip", purpose="Editable interval tree data structure for Python 2 and 3"), ModuleInstall( "cachetools", "pip", purpose="Extensible memoizing collections and decorators"), ModuleInstall( "empyrical", "pip", purpose="empyrical is a Python library with performance and risk statistics commonly used in quantitative finance"), ModuleInstall( "lru_dict", "pip", purpose="An Dict like LRU container."), ModuleInstall( "zipline", "wheel", purpose="A backtester for financial algorithms.") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, # finance ModuleInstall("vincent", "pip", purpose="plotting", usage="VIZ"), # graph # graph, pygal_maps_world only accepts the latest version #ModuleInstall("pygal", "github", "Kozea", purpose="plotting"), ModuleInstall( "pygal", "pip", "Kozea", purpose="plotting (javascript)", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall( "pygal_maps_world", "pip", purpose="extension to pygal (maps)", usage="VIZ"), # graph ModuleInstall( "pygal_maps_fr", "pip", purpose="French maps for pygal", usage="VIZ"), # graph ModuleInstall( "pygal_maps_ch", "pip", purpose="Swiss canton map for pygal", usage="VIZ"), # graph ModuleInstall( "pygal_sphinx_directives", "pip", purpose="Pygal sphinx integration", usage="SPHINX"), # graph # # 2015-06-30 # ModuleInstall( "sas7bdat", "pip", purpose="read/write SAS format"), # SAS # # 2015-07-15 # # linear optimisation, see # ModuleInstall("PuLP", "wheel", mname="pulp", purpose="linear, quadratique optimization with constraints", usage="DATA/ML"), # # pydata # ModuleInstall("jaraco.functools", "pip", purpose="Additional functools in the spirit of stdlib’s functools."), ModuleInstall("tempora", "pip", purpose="Objects and routines pertaining to date and time (tempora)"), ModuleInstall("portend", "pip", purpose="TCP port monitoring utilities"), ModuleInstall("cheroot", "pip", purpose="Highly-optimized, pure-python HTTP server"), ModuleInstall("CherryPy", "pip", mname="cherrypy", purpose="create web application, needed by Spyre"), ModuleInstall("dataspyre", "pip", mname="spyre", purpose="create simple web application to visualize data", usage="VIZ"), # ModuleInstall("python-recsys", "github", "ocelma", mname="recsys", # purpose="recommendation system", usage="DATA/ML"), #only works on # Python 2.7 + csc-pysparse + dividi2 (not maintained anymore) ModuleInstall( "colorspacious", "pip", purpose="A powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use Python library for doing " + "colorspace conversions (for viscm)"), ModuleInstall( "viscm", "pip", purpose="tool for analyzing colormaps and creating new colormaps."), # ModuleInstall("cubehelix", "github", "jradavenport", # purpose="a full implementation of Dave Green's cubehelix colormap for Python", # web=""), ModuleInstall("lifelines", "pip", purpose="survival analysis", usage="OPTIM"), # ModuleInstall("pysnptools", "pip", purpose="operation on DNA sequences"), # only available on Python 2.7 # # 2015-07 # ModuleInstall( "heatmap", "wheel", purpose="draw heatmap", usage="VIZ"), ModuleInstall("planar", "wheel", purpose="2D planar geometry library for Python."), ModuleInstall("GDAL", "wheel", mname="osgeo", purpose="GDAL is a translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats " + "that is released under an X/MIT style " + "Open Source license by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation."), # ModuleInstall("rasterio", "wheel", # purpose="Fast and direct raster I/O for use with Numpy and SciPy, # Rasterio reads and writes geospatial raster datasets."), ModuleInstall("cgal_bindings", "wheel", mname="CGAL", purpose="The CGAL Bindings project allows to use some packages of CGAL, the Computational Algorithms Library, " + "in languages other than C++, as for example Java and Python.", web="") if sys.version_info[:2] <= (3, 4) else None, ModuleInstall("slicerator", "pip", purpose="A lazy-loading, fancy-sliceable iterable."), ModuleInstall("PIMS", "pip", mname="pims", purpose="Python Image Sequence (for trackpy)"), ModuleInstall("trackpy", "pip", purpose="trackpy is a Python package for particle tracking in 2D, 3D, and higher dimensions.", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("triangle", "wheel", purpose="Python Triangle is a python wrapper around Jonathan Richard Shewchuk's " + "two-dimensional quality mesh generator and delaunay triangulator library."), ModuleInstall("redis", "pip", purpose="Python client for Redis key-value store"), # ModuleInstall("vowpal_porpoise", "pip", # purpose="Lightweight python wrapper for vowpal_wabbit.", purpose="DATA/ML"), # it requires to build vowpal_wabbit for Windows # ModuleInstall("ua-parser", "pip", mname="ua_parser", # purpose="Python port of Browserscope's user agent parser"), # ModuleInstall("user-agents", "pip", mname="user_agents", # purpose="A library to identify devices (phones, tablets) and their # capabilities by parsing (browser/HTTP) user agent strings"), ModuleInstall("user-agent", "pip", mname="user_agent", purpose="A library to identify devices (phones, tablets) and their capabilities by " + "parsing (browser/HTTP) user agent strings"), ModuleInstall("tinydb", "pip", purpose="TinyDB is a tiny, document oriented database optimized for your happiness :) " + "It's written in pure Python and has no external requirements.", usage="noSQL"), ModuleInstall("gevent", "pip", purpose="gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library"), ModuleInstall("grequests", "pip", purpose="GRequests allows you to use Requests with Gevent to make asynchronous HTTP Requests easily."), ModuleInstall("pytils", "pip", purpose="Russian-specific string utils (for selection, weblib)"), ModuleInstall("selection", "pip", purpose="API to extract data from HTML and XML documents. (for grab)"), ModuleInstall("weblib", "pip", purpose="Set of tools for web scraping projects (for grab)"), ModuleInstall("grab", "pip", purpose="Grab is a python web scraping framework. Grab provides tons of helpful methods to scrape web sites "), ModuleInstall("imbox", "pip", purpose="Python library for reading IMAP mailboxes and converting email content to machine readable data"), ModuleInstall("neural-python", "pip", mname="neuralpy", purpose="NeuralPy is the Artificial Neural Network library implemented in Python.", usage="DATA/ML"), ModuleInstall("cssselect", "pip", purpose="cssselect parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0"), ModuleInstall("jieba", "pip", purpose="Chinese Words Segementation Utilities"), # goose still depends on BeautifulSoup which does not work on Python 3 # ModuleInstall("goose-extractor", "pip", mname="goose", # purpose="Html Content / Article Extractor, web scrapping lib in # Python"), ModuleInstall("untangle", "pip", purpose="Converts XML to Python objects"), # promising but not released yet # ModuleInstall("code2flow", "pip", # purpose="Turn your Python and Javascript code into DOT flowcharts"), # biokit ModuleInstall('colorlog', 'pip', purpose="Log formatting with colors!"), ModuleInstall("easydev", "pip", purpose="Common utilities to ease the development of Python packages"), ModuleInstall("colormap", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Utilities to ease manipulation of matplotlib colormaps and color codecs (e.g., hex2rgb)"), ModuleInstall("suds-jurko", "pip", mname="suds", purpose="Lightweight SOAP client (Jurko's fork)"), # bugged and still uses ordereddict # ModuleInstall("bioservices", "pip", # purpose="Access to Biological Web Services from Python"), # ModuleInstall("biokit", "github", "biokit", usage="VIZ", # purpose="Access to Biological Web Services from Python"), # # # ModuleInstall("linecache2", "pip", purpose="A backport of linecache to older supported Pythons."), ModuleInstall("traceback2", "pip", purpose="traceback2 is a backport of the new features added to the traceback " + "testing framework in Python 2.7 and onwards."), ModuleInstall("unittest2", "pip", purpose="unittest2 is a backport of the new features added to the unittest " + "testing framework in Python 2.7 and onwards."), ModuleInstall("deprecation", "pip", purpose="A library to handle automated deprecations"), ModuleInstall("lz4", "wheel", purpose="LZ4 Bindings for Python (for dpark)"), ModuleInstall("fabric", "pip", purpose="Fabric is a Python library and command-line tool for streamlining " + "the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks."), ModuleInstall("invoke", "pip", purpose="Invoke is a Python task execution tool & library, drawing inspiration " + "from various sources to arrive at a powerful & clean feature set."), # ModuleInstall("msgpack", "wheel", # purpose="MessagePack (de)serializer."), ModuleInstall("msgpack", "wheel", purpose="MessagePack (de)serializer."), ModuleInstall("cymem", "pip", purpose="Manage calls to calloc/free through Cython") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("murmurhash", "pip", purpose="Cython .pxd files for some of the MurmurHash 2 and 3 hash functions, with a slightly more Pythonic API. " + "The only access to these functions is via Cython — I don’t see why they should be " + "useful from pure Python.") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("preshed", "wheel", purpose="Cython hash table that trusts the keys are pre-hashed") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("text-unidecode", "pip", mname="text_unidecode", purpose="The most basic Text::Unidecode port") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("termcolor", "pip", purpose="ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal."), ModuleInstall("msgpack-numpy", "pip", mname="msgpack_numpy", purpose="Numpy data serialization using msgpack"), ModuleInstall("thinc", "wheel", usage="OPTIM", purpose="Practical Machine Learning for NLP. Thinc is the machine learning " + "library powering spaCy.") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("semver", "pip", purpose="Python helper for Semantic Versioning ("), ModuleInstall("sputnik", "pip", purpose="Data package manager library") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("ftfy", "pip", purpose="Fixes some problems with Unicode text after the fact"), ModuleInstall("regex", "wheel", purpose="Alternative regular expression module, to replace re."), ModuleInstall("spacy", "wheel", usage="NLP", purpose="Industrial-strength NLP") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, ModuleInstall("fr_core_news_sm", "wheel2", usage="NLP", purpose="French ressources for spacy") if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 5) else None, # # 2015-12 # ModuleInstall("picklable-itertools", "pip", mname="picklable_itertools", purpose="A reimplementation of the Python standard library's itertools, in Python, " + "using picklable iterator objects. (fuel)"), ModuleInstall("python-utils", "pip", mname="python_utils", purpose="Python Utils is a module with some convenient utilities not included with the standard Python install"), ModuleInstall("progressbar2", "pip", usage="VIZ", purpose="Text progress bar library for Python. (fuel)"), ModuleInstall("gatspy", "pip", purpose="General tools for Astronomical Time Series in Python"), ModuleInstall("supersmoother", "pip", purpose="This is an efficient implementation of Friedman's SuperSmoother [1] algorithm in pure Python. " + "It makes use of numpy for fast numerical computation."), # # 2016-03 # ModuleInstall("PTable", "pip", mname="prettytable", purpose="A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data in a visually " + "appealing ASCII table format. (for streamparse)"), ModuleInstall("ruamel.yaml", "pip", purpose="ruamel.yaml is a YAML parser/emitter that supports roundtrip preservation of comments, " + "seq/map flow style, and map key order"), ModuleInstall("logutils", "pip", purpose="Logging utilities"), ModuleInstall("skll", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="SciKit-Learn Laboratory makes it easier to run machinelearning experiments with scikit-learn."), ModuleInstall("sklearn_pandas", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="This module provides a bridge between Scikit-Learn's machine learning methods and pandas-style Data Frames."), ModuleInstall("ad3", "wheel", source="2", usage="ML", purpose="AD3 (approximate MAP decoder with Alternating Direction Dual Decomposition)"), ModuleInstall("pystruct", "wheel", usage="ML", source="2", purpose="Learning Structured Prediction in Python"), ModuleInstall("sklearn_contrib_py_earth", "wheel", mname="pyearth", usage="ML", source="2", purpose="A Python implementation of Jerome Friedman's Multivariate Adaptive Regression " + "Splines algorithm, in the style of " + "scikit-learn. The py-earth package implements Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines using Cython and provides an " + "interface that is compatible with scikit-learn's Estimator, Predictor, Transformer, and Model interfaces. For more " + "information about Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, see the references below."), ModuleInstall("seqlearn", "wheel", usage="ML", purpose="sequence classification toolkit for Python"), ModuleInstall("hmmlearn", "wheel", usage="ML", purpose="Hidden Markov Models in Python, with scikit-learn like API"), ModuleInstall("gplearn", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="gplearn implements Genetic Programming in Python, with a scikit-learn inspired and compatible API."), ModuleInstall("gdbn", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="This package contains python code for pre-trained deep neural networks"), ModuleInstall("gnumpy", "pip", purpose="Gnumpy: an easy way to use GPU boards in Python"), ModuleInstall("mlxtend", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="A library consisting of useful tools and extensions for the day-to-day data science tasks."), ModuleInstall("jsonpickle", "pip", purpose="Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON."), ModuleInstall("py-cpuinfo", "pip", mname="py_cpuinfo", purpose="Py-cpuinfo gets CPU info with pure Python. Py-cpuinfo should work without " + "any extra programs or libraries, beyond what your OS provides. It does not " + "require any compilation(C/C++, assembly, et cetera) to use. It works with Python 2 and 3."), ModuleInstall("sacred", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="Facilitates automated and reproducible experimental research"), ModuleInstall("astropy", "wheel", purpose="Community-developed python astronomy tools"), # h2o ModuleInstall("h2o", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="H2O, Fast Scalable Machine Learning, for python"), # # June 2016 # ModuleInstall("kabuki", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="kabuki is a python toolbox that allows easy creation of hierarchical bayesian " + "models for the cognitive sciences."), ModuleInstall("HDDM", "wheel", mname="hddm", usage="ML", purpose="HDDM is a python module that implements Hierarchical Bayesian estimation of Drift Diffusion Models."), ModuleInstall("reportlab", "wheel", purpose="This is the ReportLab PDF Toolkit. It allows rapid creation of rich PDF documents, and also creation of " + "charts in a variety of bitmap and vector formats."), ModuleInstall("biopython", "wheel", mname="Bio", usage="BIO", purpose="The Biopython Project is an international association of developers of freely available Python tools for " + "computational molecular biology."), ModuleInstall("grako", "wheel", purpose="Grako (for grammar compiler) is a tool that takes grammars in a variation of EBNF " + "as input, and outputs memoizing (Packrat) PEG parsers in Python."), ModuleInstall("expressions", "pip", purpose="Arithmetic expression parser library. Embed customized expression evaluation " + "into your application or library."), ModuleInstall("cubes", "pip", purpose="Cubes is a light-weight Python framework and set of tools for development of reporting and " + "analytical applications, " + "Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), multidimensional analysis and browsing of aggregated data. " + "It is part of Data Brewery."), ModuleInstall("MDP", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="Python data processing framework."), ModuleInstall("pyamg", "wheel", usage="OPTIM", purpose="PyAMG is a library of Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) solvers with a convenient Python interface."), ModuleInstall("PySAL", "pip", mname="pysal", usage="MATHS", purpose="PySAL is an open source library of spatial analysis functions written in Python intended " + "to support the development of high level applications."), # # July 2016 # ModuleInstall("hyperopt", "github", "hyperopt", usage="ML", purpose="Hyperopt is a Python library for serial and parallel optimization over awkwardsearch spaces, " + "which may include real-valued, discrete, and conditional dimensions."), # # August 2016 # ModuleInstall('incremental', 'pip', purpose="Incremental is a small library that versions your Python projects."), ModuleInstall('constantly', 'pip', purpose="Symbolic constants in Python"), ModuleInstall('PyDispatcher', 'pip', mname="pydispatcher", purpose="Multi-producer-multi-consumer signal dispatching mechanism"), ModuleInstall('hyperlink', 'pip', purpose="A featureful, correct URL for Python."), ModuleInstall('pyhamcrest', 'pip', purpose="for twisted"), ModuleInstall('Twisted', 'wheel', mname="twisted", purpose="An asynchronous networking framework written in Python"), ModuleInstall('parsel', 'pip', purpose="Parsel is a library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS selectors."), ModuleInstall('pyasn1-modules', 'pip', mname="pyasn1_modules", purpose="A collection of ASN.1-based protocols modules."), ModuleInstall('service_identity', 'pip', purpose="Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL."), ModuleInstall("scrapy", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="A high-level Web Crawling and Web Scraping framework"), # # 2015-08-11 # ModuleInstall("sklearn_contrib_lightning", "wheel", mname="lightning", usage="ML", purpose="large-scale linear classification, regression and ranking"), ModuleInstall("imbalanced-learn", "pip", mname="imblearn", usage="ML", purpose="imbalanced-learn is a python package offering a number of re-sampling " + "techniques commonly used in datasets showing strong between-class imbalance. " + "It is compatible with scikit-learn and is part of scikit-learn-contrib projects."), ModuleInstall("forestci", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="Python module for calculating variance and adding confidence intervals " + "to scikit-learn random forest regression " + "or classification objects. The core functions calculate an in-bag and error bars for random forest objects"), # # 2015-08-18: weidelin.core # ModuleInstall("ZConfig", "pip", purpose="Structured Configuration Library"), ModuleInstall("transaction", "pip", purpose="Transaction management for Python. " + "This package contains a generic transaction implementation for Python. It is mainly used by the ZODB."), ModuleInstall("zc.lockfile", "pip", purpose="Basic inter-process locks"), ModuleInstall("zodbpickle", "wheel", purpose="This package presents a uniform pickling interface for ZODB."), ModuleInstall("ZODB", "pip", purpose="The Zope Object Database provides an object-oriented database for Python that " + "provides a high-degree of transparency."), ModuleInstall("zdaemon", "pip", purpose="Daemon process control library and tools for Unix-based systems"), ModuleInstall("trollius", "pip", purpose="Port of the Tulip project (asyncio module, PEP 3156)"), ModuleInstall("ZEO", "pip", purpose="ZEO provides a client-server storage implementation for ZODB."), ModuleInstall("ZODB3", "pip", purpose="ZODB3 - Meta release for ZODB, persistent, BTrees and ZEO"), # ModuleInstall("wendelin.core", "wheel", source="2", # purpose="Out-of-core NumPy arrays. " + # "Wendelin.core allows you to work with arrays bigger than RAM and local disk. Bigarrays are persisted to storage, " + # "and can be changed in transactional manner."), ModuleInstall("pystorm", "pip", purpose="Battle-tested Apache Storm Multi-Lang implementation for Python."), ModuleInstall("Fabric3", "pip", mname="fabric", purpose="Fabric is a simple, Pythonic tool for remote execution and deployment (py2.7/py3.4+ compatible fork)"), ModuleInstall("texttable", "pip", purpose="module for creating simple ASCII tables"), ModuleInstall("streamparse", "pip", purpose="Streamparse lets you run Python code against real-time streams of data via Apache Storm."), # # 2016-09-20: treeinterpreter # ModuleInstall("treeinterpreter", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="Package for interpreting scikit-learn's decision tree and random forest predictions. Allows decomposing " + "each prediction into bias and feature contribution components"), # # 2016-11/12 # ModuleInstall("update_checker", "pip", purpose="A python module that will check for package updates."), ModuleInstall("stopit", "pip", purpose="Timeout control decorator and context managers, raise any exception in another thread."), ModuleInstall("TPOT", "pip", mname="tpot", usage="ML", purpose="Consider TPOT your Data Science Assistant. TPOT is a Python tool that automatically " + "creates and optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming."), ModuleInstall("category_encoders", "pip", usage="ML", purpose="A set of scikit-learn-style transformers for encoding categorical " + "variables into numeric by means of different techniques."), # # 2017-01/02 # # ModuleInstall( # 'backports.wearkef', 'pip', purpose="This package provides backports of new features in Python's weakref " + # "module under the backports namespace. (for tensorflow)"), ModuleInstall('absl-py', 'pip', mname="absl", purpose="Collection of Python library code for building Python applications."), ModuleInstall('protobuf', 'pip', purpose="Protocol Buffers are Google's data interchange format"), ModuleInstall("gast", "pip", purpose="A generic AST to represent Python2 and Python3’s Abstract Syntax Tree(AST)."), ModuleInstall("grpcio", "wheel", purpose="Package for gRPC Python."), ModuleInstall("astor", "pip", purpose="astor is designed to allow easy manipulation of Python source via the AST."), ModuleInstall("tensorboard", "pip", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="TensorBoard lets you watch Tensors Flow"), ModuleInstall("tensorflow-estimator", "pip", usage="DEEP LEARNING", mname="tensorflow_estimator", purpose="Deep Learning from Google"), ModuleInstall("tensorflow", "wheel", usage="DEEP LEARNING", purpose="Deep Learning from Google"), ModuleInstall("edward", "pip", usage="DATA/ML", purpose="Edward is a Python library for probabilistic modeling, inference, and criticism"), ModuleInstall("python_Levenshtein", "wheel", mname="Levenshtein", purpose="C implementation of Levenshtein distance."), ModuleInstall("fuzzywuzzy", "pip", purpose="Fuzzy string matching in python"), ModuleInstall("smmap", "pip", purpose="A pure python implementation of a sliding window memory map manager"), ModuleInstall("gitdb", "pip", purpose="GitDB is a pure-Python git object database"), ModuleInstall("GitPython", "pip", mname="git", purpose="Python Git Library"), ModuleInstall("git-pandas", "pip", mname="gitpandas", purpose=""), ModuleInstall("nbdime", "pip", purpose="Comparison of notebooks"), ModuleInstall("cntk", "wheel", usage="DATA/ML", overwrite="{0}{1}-cp{0}{1}m-win_amd64.whl", purpose="Deep Learning from Microsoft " + "see"), # # 2017-05/23 # ModuleInstall('filelock', 'pip', purpose="A platform independent file lock."), ModuleInstall('fasttext', 'wheel', usage="DATA/ML", purpose="fastText is a library for efficient learning of word representations and sentence classification."), ModuleInstall('fastrlock', 'wheel', purpose="Fast, re-entrant optimistic lock implemented in Cython (cupy)"), ModuleInstall('cupy', 'wheel', usage="DATA/DML", purpose="CuPy : NumPy-like API accelerated with CUDA"), ModuleInstall('chainer', 'pip', usage="DATA/DML", purpose="A flexible framework of neural networks (GPU)"), ModuleInstall('sfepy', 'wheel', usage="OPTIM", purpose="Simple Finite Elements in Python"), ModuleInstall('palettable', 'pip', purpose="Color palettes for Python"), ModuleInstall('monty', 'pip', purpose="Monty is the missing complement to Python."), ModuleInstall('spglib', 'wheel', purpose="Python bindings for C library for finding and handling crystal symmetries"), ModuleInstall('pymatgen', 'wheel', usage="PHYS", purpose="Pymatgen (Python Materials Genomics) is a robust, open-source Python library for materials analysis."), ModuleInstall('gvar', 'wheel', purpose="Utilities for manipulating correlated Gaussian random variables."), ModuleInstall('lsqfit', 'wheel', usage="OPTIM", purpose="Utilities for nonlinear least-squares fits"), ModuleInstall('qutip', 'wheel', usage="OPTIM", purpose="QuTiP is open-source software for simulating the dynamics of open quantum systems."), ModuleInstall('pyemd', 'wheel', purpose="A Python wrapper for Ofir Pele and Michael Werman's implementation of the Earth Mover's Distance."), ModuleInstall('pint', 'pip', purpose="Physical quantities module"), ModuleInstall('traits', 'pip', purpose="explicitly typed attributes for Python"), ModuleInstall( 'sparse', 'pip', purpose="This implements sparse arrays of arbitrary dimension on top of numpy and scipy.sparse"), ModuleInstall('hyperspy', 'wheel', purpose="HyperSpy is an open source Python library which provides tools to facilitate " + "the interactive data analysis of multi-dimensional " + "datasets that can be described as multi-dimensional arrays of a given " + "signal (e.g. a 2D array of spectra a.k.a spectrum image)."), ModuleInstall('emcee', 'pip', purpose="Kick ass affine-invariant ensemble MCMC sampling"), ModuleInstall('h5netcdf', 'pip', purpose="netCDF4 via h5py"), ModuleInstall('HoloPy', 'wheel', mname="holopy", purpose="Hologram processing and light scattering in python"), ModuleInstall('sounddevice', 'wheel', purpose="This Python module provides bindings for the PortAudio library and a few " + "convenience functions to play and record NumPy arrays containing audio signals."), ModuleInstall('drawtree', 'pip', usage="VIZ", purpose="Draw binary tree in plain text"), ModuleInstall('JPype1', 'wheel', purpose="A Python to Java bridge."), ModuleInstall('pyflux', 'wheel', usage="DATA/ML", purpose="An open source time series library for the Python Programming Language"), ModuleInstall('Rtree', 'wheel', usage="MATHS", mname="rtree", purpose="R-Tree spatial index for Python GIS"), # # 2017-08/10 # ModuleInstall('foolbox', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Foolbox is a Python toolbox to create adversarial examples that fool neural networks."), # # 2017-08/25 # # kealib: ModuleInstall('iso8601', 'pip', purpose="Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates"), ModuleInstall('translationstring', 'pip', purpose="Utility library for i18n relied on by various Repoze and Pyramid packages"), ModuleInstall('colander', 'pip', purpose="A simple schema-based serialization and deserialization library"), # ModuleInstall('climate-toolbox', 'pip', mname="climate_toolbox", purpose="Command-line utilities (turn function into command line)"), ModuleInstall('knnimpute', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="k-Nearest Neighbor imputation"), # Depends on theano - not maintained anymore. # ModuleInstall('fancyimpute', 'pip', usage="ML", # purpose="Matrix completion and feature imputation algorithms"), ModuleInstall('mnist', 'pip', purpose="Python utilities to download and parse the MNIST dataset"), # # 2017-11 # ModuleInstall('torch', 'wheel', usage="DEEP LEARNING", purpose="PyTorch is a deep learning framework that puts Python first."), ModuleInstall('torchvision', 'pip', usage="DEEP LEARNING", purpose="image and video datasets and models for torch deep learning"), ModuleInstall('fairtest', 'wheel', usage="ML", source="2", purpose="FairTest enables developers or auditing entities to discover and test " + "for unwarranted associations between an algorithm's outputs and certain user " + "subpopulations identified by protected features."), ModuleInstall('libtiff', 'wheel', purpose="PyLibTiff is a package that provides: a wrapper to the libtiff library to " + "Python using ctypes, a pure Python module for reading and writing TIFF and LSM files. " + "The images are read as numpy.memmap objects so that it is possible to open images " + "that otherwise would not fit to computers RAM. Both TIFF strips and tiles are " + "supported for low-level data storage."), ModuleInstall('OpenImageIO', 'wheel', purpose="A library for reading and writing images with emphasis on animation and visual effects."), ModuleInstall('urwid', 'pip', purpose="for pyfm"), ModuleInstall('pyfm', 'wheel', usage="ML", purpose="Factorization Machine"), ModuleInstall('indexed_gzip', 'wheel', purpose="Fast random access of gzip files."), ModuleInstall( 'mockextras', 'pip', purpose="Extensions to the mock library"), ModuleInstall( 'swiglpk', 'wheel', purpose="swiglpk - Simple swig bindings for the GNU Linear Programming Kit"), ModuleInstall('optlang', 'pip', purpose="Formulate optimization problems using sympy expressions " + "and solve them using interfaces to third-party optimization software (e.g. GLPK)."), ModuleInstall('depinfo', 'pip', purpose="A utility Python package intended for other library packages. " + "Provides a function that when called with your package name, will print platform and dependency information."), ModuleInstall( 'cobra', 'wheel', purpose="Constraint-based reconstruction and analysis in python."), ModuleInstall('spectrum', 'wheel', purpose="Spectrum contains tools to estimate Power Spectral Densities using " + "methods based on Fourier transform, Parametric methods or eigenvalues analysis"), ModuleInstall('properties', 'pip', purpose="An organizational aid and wrapper for validation and tab completion of class properties"), ModuleInstall('pymkl', 'pip', mname="pyMKL", purpose="Python wrapper of Intel MKL routines"), ModuleInstall('pymatsolver', 'pip', purpose="A (sparse) matrix solver for python."), ModuleInstall('vectormath', 'pip', purpose="Vector math utilities for python (used by discretize)."), ModuleInstall('discretize', 'wheel', purpose="A python package for finite volume discretization."), ModuleInstall('recordclass', 'wheel', purpose="A mutable variant of collections.namedtuple, which supports assignments."), ModuleInstall('pyeda', 'wheel', purpose="A library for electronic design automation."), ModuleInstall('Polygon3', 'wheel', mname="polygon", purpose="Handles polygonal shapes in 2D. This library is free " + "for non-commercial use only."), # # 2017-12 # ModuleInstall('chainercv', 'pip', usage="DATA/DML", purpose="ChainerCV is a deep learning based computer vision library built on top of Chainer."), ModuleInstall( 'fcn', 'pip', purpose="Fully Convolutional Networks", usage="ML"), # # 2018-14 # ModuleInstall('pyltr', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="pyltr is a Python learning-to-rank toolkit " "with ranking models, evaluation metrics, data wrangling helpers, and more."), ModuleInstall('typing_extensions', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Typing Extensions - Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python"), ModuleInstall('onnx', 'wheel2', usage="ML", purpose="Open Neural Network Exchange"), ModuleInstall('onnxmltools', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Converts Machine Learning models to ONNX"), ModuleInstall('sklearn-onnx', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Converts scikit-learn Machine Learning models to ONNX"), ModuleInstall('keras-onnx', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Converts keras Machine Learning models to ONNX"), ModuleInstall('tensorflow-onnx', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Converts tensorflow Machine Learning models to ONNX"), # # 2019-01 # ModuleInstall('openTSNE', 'wheel', usage="ML", purpose="Fast t-SNE"), ModuleInstall('python-louvain', 'pip', usage="ML", purpose="Louvain algorithm"), ] if sys.version_info[0] == 2: mod.extend([ # (for dpark)"), ModuleInstall("google-common", "pip", mname="google_common", purpose="Google namespace package"), ModuleInstall("mesos.interface", "pip", purpose="Mesos interfaces (for dpark)"), ModuleInstall("pymesos", "pip", purpose="Mesos interfaces (for dpark)"), # ModuleInstall("dpark", "wheel2", # purpose="DPark is a Python clone of Spark, MapReduce(R) alike # computing framework supporting iterative computation., see #", usage="DATA/ML"), ]) if sys.platform.startswith("win"): mod.append(ModuleInstall("comtypes", "pip", purpose="Pure Python COM package")) mod.append(ModuleInstall("xlwings", "pip", purpose="reads/writes Excel files", usage="WINDOWS") if sys.platform.startswith("win") else None), mod.append(ModuleInstall("VideoCapture", "wheel", purpose="A Win32 Python Extension for Accessing Video Devices", usage="VIDEO")) mod.append(ModuleInstall("jaraco.structures", "pip", purpose="jaraco.structures")) mod.append(ModuleInstall("jaraco.classes", "pip", purpose="Split from another package jaraco.")) mod.append(ModuleInstall( "PyJWT", "pip", mname="jwt", purpose="JSON Web Token library for Python 3.")) return [_ for _ in mod if _ is not None]