Source code for pymyinstall.packaged.packaged_config_A_orange

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Modules for Orange

from ..installhelper.module_install import ModuleInstall

[docs]def orange_set(): """ modules implemented for Orange, it requires the modules in set *ml* :githublink:`%|py|12` """ mod = [ ModuleInstall( "pdfminer3k", "pip", purpose="PDF parser and analyzer"), ModuleInstall( "docx2txt", "pip", purpose="A pure python-based utility to extract text and images from docx files."), ModuleInstall( "odfpy", "pip", purpose="Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files"), ModuleInstall( "setuptools-git", "pip", mname="setuptools_git", purpose="This is a plugin for setuptools that enables git integration. Once installed, Setuptools " + "can be told to include in a package distribution all the files tracked by git. " + "This is an alternative to explicit inclusion specifications with"), ModuleInstall( "scikit-fusion", "pip", mname="skfusion", purpose="A Python module for data fusion built on top of factorized models."), ModuleInstall( "AnyQt", "pip", purpose="PyQt4/PyQt5 compatibility layer."), ModuleInstall("hyperframe", "pip", purpose="HTTP/2 framing layer for Python"), ModuleInstall("hpack", "pip", purpose="Pure-Python HPACK header compression"), ModuleInstall("h2", "pip", purpose="HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation"), ModuleInstall("hyper", "pip", purpose="HTTP/2 Client for Python"), ModuleInstall("serverfiles", "pip", purpose="An utility that accesses files on a HTTP server and stores them locally for reuse."), ModuleInstall( "orange3", "pip", mname="Orange", usage="ORANGE", purpose="Orange is a component-based data mining software. It includes a range of " + "data visualization, exploration, " + "preprocessing and modeling techniques. It can be used through a nice and intuitive user interface or, for more advanced users, " + "as a module for the Python programming language."), ModuleInstall("ufal.udpipe", "pip", purpose="for orange3-text"), ModuleInstall( "orange3-text", "pip", mname="orangecontrib.text", usage="ORANGE", purpose="Orange3 Text extends Orange3, a data mining software package, with common functionality for text mining. " + "It provides access to publicly available data, like NY Times, Twitter and PubMed. Further, " + "it provides tools for preprocessing, " + "constructing vector spaces (like bag-of-words, topic modeling and word2vec) and visualizations like word cloud end geo map. " + "All features can be combined with powerful data mining techniques from the Orange data mining framework."), ModuleInstall( "orange3-associate", "pip", mname="orangecontrib.associate", usage="ORANGE", purpose="This module implements FP-growth [1] frequent pattern mining algorithm with bucketing " + "optimization [2] for conditional databases of few items."), # has a dependency on Orange (Python 2) # ModuleInstall( # "orange3-datafusion", "pip", mname="orangecontrib.datafusion", usage="ORANGE", # purpose="This is a data fusion add-on for [Orange3]( Add-on wraps scikit-fusion, " + # "a Python library for data fusion, and implements a set of widgets for loading of the data, definition of data fusion schema, " + # "collective matrix factorization and exploration of latent factors."), # ModuleInstall( # "orange3-network", "github", "biolab", mname="", custom=["build", "install"], usage="ORANGE", # purpose="Orange Network is an add-on for Orange data mining software # package. It provides network visualization and analysis tools."), ModuleInstall( "Orange3-Network", "pip", mname="", usage="ORANGE", purpose="Orange Network is an add-on for Orange data mining software package. It provides " + "network visualization and analysis tools."), ModuleInstall( "CacheControl", "pip", mname="cachecontrol", purpose="httplib2 caching for requests"), ModuleInstall( "Orange3-ImageAnalytics", "pip", mname="orangecontrib.imageanalytics", usage="ORANGE", purpose="Orange3 add-on for image data mining."), # weird # ModuleInstall( # "orange3-prototypes", "pip", mname="orangecontrib.prototypes", usage="ORANGE", # purpose="Prototype Orange widgets. Only for the brave."), # weird # ModuleInstall( # "orange3-spark", "pip", mname="orangecontrib.spark", usage="ORANGE", # purpose="A set of widgets for Orange data mining suite to work with # Apache Spark ML API."), ] # return [_ for _ in mod if _ is not None]