Source code for pymyinstall.packaged.packaged_config_Z_datascientist

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a very small set of modules.

import sys

[docs]def datascientistbase_set(): """ list of modules to add to python to get a minimal python :githublink:`%|py|12` """ from .packaged_config_0_pyquickhelper import pyquickhelper_set from ..installhelper import ModuleInstall names = pyquickhelper_set() names += [ "appdirs", "boto", "botocore", "boto3", "bz2file", "chardet", "cchardet", "cytoolz", "dask", "gensim", "idna", "joblib", "jmespath", "pythonnet", "pywin32" if sys.platform.startswith("win") else None, "pywin32-ctypes" if sys.platform.startswith("win") else None, "s3transfer", "scikit-learn", "scipy", "smart_open", "statsmodels", "threadpoolctl", "toolz", ] from .automate_install import find_module_install names = [find_module_install(_) for _ in names if _ is not None] check_is = ["smart_open", "cycler", "olefile", "toolz", "s3transfer", "jmespath", "botocore"] names_ = set( if isinstance(_, ModuleInstall) else _ for _ in names) for check in check_is: if check not in names_: raise ImportError("Unable to find module '{0}' in\n{1}".format( check, "\n".join(sorted(names_)))) return names