Source code for pymyinstall.win_installer.win_packages

To install packages for a specific distribution.

from __future__ import print_function

import os
import sys
from .win_exception import WinInstallPackageException
from ..installhelper.install_cmd_helper import run_cmd, get_pip_program
from ..packaged import ensae_fullset, find_module_install

if sys.version_info[0] == 2:
    FileNotFoundError = Exception

[docs]def get_modules_version(python_path): """ return a dictionary { module:version } :param python_path: path to python :return: dictionary :githublink:`%|py|23` """ if sys.platform.startswith("win"): prog = os.path.join(python_path, "Scripts", "pip.exe") if not os.path.exists(prog): prog = get_pip_program(exe=python_path) else: prog = get_pip_program(exe=python_path) cmd = prog + " list" from pip import __version__ if int(__version__.split(".")[0]) >= 9: cmd += " --format=columns" try: out, err = run_cmd(cmd, wait=True, fLOG=None, change_path=python_path) except Exception as e: raise Exception("unable to run: {0}".format(cmd)) from e if err is not None and len(err) > 0: if len(err.split("\n")) > 3 or \ "You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command." not in err: raise Exception("unable to run, #lines {0}\nERR-8:\n{1}\nOUT:\n{2}".format( len(err.split("\n")), err, out)) lines = out.split("\n") res = {} for line in lines: if "." in line: spl = line.split() if len(spl) == 2: a = spl[0] b = spl[1].strip(" \n\r") res[a] = b.strip("()") al = a.lower() if al != a: res[al] = res[a] return res
[docs]def win_install_package_other_python(python_path, package, verbose=False, deps=True, fLOG=print): """ Install a package for another Python distribution than the current one. :param python_path: location of python :param package: location of the package (.tar.gz, .whl, .tgz, .bz2) :param verbose: display more information :param deps: take dependencies into account or not :param fLOG: logging function :return: operations ("pip", module) if installed, empty if already installed .. versionchanged:: 1.1 ``deps=False`` is the default for module zipline :githublink:`%|py|75` """ thename = os.path.split(package)[-1] if thename == "": # is not a python package return [] if verbose: fLOG("[pymy] *** INSTALL", package) operations = [] if sys.version_info[0] == 2: pip = os.path.join(python_path, "Scripts", "pip.exe") else: pip = os.path.join(python_path, "Scripts", "pip%d.exe" % sys.version_info[0]) if not os.path.exists(pip): raise FileNotFoundError(pip) cmd = "{0} install {1}".format(pip, package) if verbose: fLOG(cmd) cur = os.getcwd() if cur != python_path: os.chdir(python_path) name = os.path.split(package)[-1] if (deps is not None and not deps) or name.startswith("zipline"): cmd += " --no-deps" out, err = run_cmd(cmd, wait=True, fLOG=fLOG) if cur != python_path: os.chdir(cur) if verbose: fLOG(out) if err is not None and len(err) > 0: name = "-".join(package.split("-")[:-1]) look = "Successfully installed " + name if look not in err: raise WinInstallPackageException( "unable to install {0}, due to:\nCMD\n{3}\nOUT:\n{1}\nERR-9:\n{2}\nNOT FOUND\n{4}".format(package, out, err, cmd, look)) if "No distributions matching the version" in out: raise WinInstallPackageException( "unable to install " + package + "\nCMD\n" + cmd + "\nOUT:\n" + out + "\nERR--A:\n" + err) elif "Testing of typecheck-decorator passed without failure." in out: operations.append(("pip", package)) elif "Successfully installed" not in out: if "error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat" in out: url = "" raise WinInstallPackageException( "unable to install " + package + "\nread:\n" + url + "\nCMD\n" + cmd + "OUT:\n" + out + "\nERR--B:\n" + err) if "Requirement already satisfied" not in out: raise WinInstallPackageException( "unable to install " + package + "\nCMD\n" + cmd + "\nOUT:\n" + out + "\nERR--C:\n" + err) else: operations.append(("pip", package)) return operations
[docs]def _is_package_in_list(module_name, list_packages, no_wheel=False): """ determines of this package is the one for the given module_name :param list_packages: list of packages names (list of wheel) :param module_name: module name :param no_wheel: skip wheels :return: package name :githublink:`%|py|168` """ module_name = module_name.lower() p = "." in module_name if p: pp = module_name.replace(".", "_") d = "-" in module_name if d: pd = module_name.split("-") if len(pd[-1]) == 0: pd = "_".join(pd[:-1]) + "-" else: pd = "_".join(pd) for a in list_packages: al = a.lower() if no_wheel and al.endswith(".whl"): continue if module_name == "python" and ".msi" not in a: continue if "theme-" in al: al = al.split("theme-") al = al[0].replace("-", "_") + "theme-" + al[1] if al.startswith(module_name): return a if p and al.startswith(pp): return a if d and al.startswith(pd): return a return None
[docs]def is_package_installed(python_path, module_name, installed_packages=None): """ not very accurate but it should speed up the process :param python_path: python path :param module_name: module name (import name) :param installed_packages: list of installed packages (can be None) :return: boolean :githublink:`%|py|209` """ if isinstance(module_name, str # unicode# ): module_name = [module_name] modules = get_modules_version(python_path) for name in module_name: if name in modules: return True if installed_packages is not None and name in installed_packages: return True pymy = os.path.join(python_path, "lib", "site-packages", name) if os.path.exists(pymy): return True pymy += ".py" if os.path.exists(pymy): return True pymy = pymy.replace(".py", ".cp%d%d-win_amd64.pyd" % (sys.version_info[0], sys.version_info[1])) if os.path.exists(pymy): return True mod = find_module_install(name) if mod: pymy = os.path.join(python_path, "lib", "site-packages", mod.mname) if os.path.exists(pymy): return True return False
[docs]def win_install_packages_other_python(python_path, package_folder, verbose=False, module_list=None, fLOG=print): """ Install all packages for another Python distribution where package could be found in a folder :param python_path: location of python :param package_folder: location of the package (.tar.gz, .whl, .bz2, .tgz) :param verbose: display more information :param module_list: list of modules to install, if None, it tries to guess a good order to install downloaded packages :param fLOG: logging function :return: operations ("pip", module) if installed, empty if already installed :githublink:`%|py|249` """ files = os.listdir(package_folder) files = [_ for _ in files if os.path.splitext(_)[-1] in {".gz", ".zip", ".whl", ".bz2", ".tgz"} and _ not in {"", ""} and not _.startswith("SQLiteSpy_")] # we need to order the package to install them in the right order # it speeds up the process and avoid using C++ compiler operations = [] done = set() if module_list is None: full_list = ensae_fullset() else: full_list = module_list # existing list installed_packages = get_modules_version(python_path) for mod in full_list: a = _is_package_in_list( + "-", files) if a is None: continue if a not in done: mname = mod.mname if mod.mname is not None else if not is_package_installed(python_path, [, mname], installed_packages): full = os.path.join(package_folder, a) try: op = win_install_package_other_python( python_path, full, verbose=verbose, deps=mod.deps, fLOG=fLOG) except Exception as e: mes = "failed to install {0}: {1}".format(, full) raise Exception(mes) from e if len(op) > 0: fLOG("[pymy] installed",, " with ", a) operations.extend(op) done.add(a) if verbose: fLOG("[pymy] *** install packages with unknown dependencies") for pack in files: if pack not in done: full = os.path.join(package_folder, pack) op = win_install_package_other_python( python_path, full, verbose=verbose, fLOG=fLOG) if len(op) > 0: fLOG("[pymy] installed", pack, " with ", full) else: fLOG("[pymy] skipped package", pack, " from ", full) operations.extend(op) return operations