2015-11-12 Build xgboost for Python 3.5ΒΆ

This is a process I followed to build xgboost 0.4 on Python 3.5 This is also what you should follow to get missing dependency such as vcomp110.dll (which comes from OpenMP in Visual C++). The following process is only available for Python 3.4 64 bit:

  • Install Visual Studio Community Edition (C++). The link points to an image .iso.

  • Install the Java JDK. Select the newest version.

  • Download the modified version of xgboost.

  • Check OpenMD files are present in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC with files vcomp.lib, vcombd.lib, omp.h.

  • Open the solution in Windows directory (in xgboost) and update the path to point to Java JDK and OpenMP, build the version release/x64, update paths to point to your version of Java SDK

  • Copy/Paste the built assemblies into the python folder

  • Go to the python folder and type python setup.py bdist_wheel to build the file .whl.

This wheel can be installed on any Python 3.5 64 bits installation. You can compare with instructions for Python 3.4.