2017-07-17 A couple of interesting modules for IOTΒΆ

Quoting the documentation from the websites.

thingflow-python: ThingFlow is a (Python3) framework for building IoT event processing dataflows. The goal of this framework is to support the creation of robust IoT systems from reusable components. These systems must account for noisy/missing sensor data, distributed computation, and the need for local (near the data source) processing.

tsl2591: This is a simple python library for the Adafruit TSL2591 breakout board based on the Arduino library from Adafruit. It was developed to work on a Raspberry PI.

micropython: his is the MicroPython project, which aims to put an implementation of Python 3.x on microcontrollers and small embedded systems. You can find the official website at micropython.org.

micropython-lib: micropython-lib is a project to develop a non-monolothic standard library for MicroPython.

pywifi: pywifi provides a cross-platform Python module for manipulating wireless interfaces.

python-wifi: last update 2015.

wifi: wifi.