method class parent truncated documentation
__cmp__ ModuleInstall to sort modules
__init__ ModuleInstall  
__init__ HTMLParser4Links constructor
__init__ _AsyncLineReader  
__lt__ ModuleInstall overload operator <
__str__ ModuleInstall usual
_check_installation ModuleInstall some modules uninstall and install modules with another version number, we try to track that
as_dict ModuleInstall returns the members in a dictionary
copy ModuleInstall copy the module, if version is not None, change the version number
download ModuleInstall Downloads the module without installation.
eof _AsyncLineReader  
extract_version ModuleInstall extract the version from a filename
get_exewheel_url_link ModuleInstall for windows, get the url of the setup using a webpage
get_exewheel_url_link2 ModuleInstall for windows, get the url of the setup using a webpage
get_installed_classifier ModuleInstall return the classifier of the installed package
get_installed_license ModuleInstall return the license of the installed package
get_installed_metadata ModuleInstall return the metadata of the installed package
get_installed_numeric_version ModuleInstall returns the version as number (not string)
get_installed_version ModuleInstall return the version of the installed package
get_pypi_numeric_version ModuleInstall returns the version of a package in pypi
get_pypi_version ModuleInstall returns the version of a package on pypi
handle_data HTMLParser4Links stores data if a link
handle_endtag HTMLParser4Links ends of a tag
handle_starttag HTMLParser4Links enters a tag
has_update ModuleInstall tells if the package has a newer version on pipy
install ModuleInstall Installs the package.
is_installed_local ModuleInstall checks if a module is installed
is_installed_local_cmd ModuleInstall Test the module by running a command line. Does some others verifications for a specific modules such as scipy.
is_installed_version ModuleInstall tells if a module is installed
module_install_preprocess ModuleInstall Run some preprocessing for specific modules
run _AsyncLineReader  
run_post_installation ModuleInstall Run instructions post installation
unzipfiles ModuleInstall unzip files from a zip archive
update ModuleInstall Updates the package if necessary, we use pip install <module_name> --upgrade --no-deps,