Source code for pyquickhelper.helpgen.utils_sphinx_config

Check various settings.


import sys
import os
import site

[docs]def getsitepackages(): """ Overwrites function :epkg:`getsitepackages` which does not work for a virtual environment. :return: site-package somewhere :githublink:`%|py|18` """ try: return site.getsitepackages() except AttributeError: import sphinx return [os.path.normpath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sphinx.__file__), ".."))]
[docs]def locate_image_documentation(image_name): """ Tries to local an image in the module for help generation in a folder ``_doc``. :param image_name: path :return: local file When a notebook is taken out from the sources, the image using NbImage cannot be displayed because the function cannot guess from which project it was taken. The function was entering an infinite loop. The function can deal with subfolder and not only the folder which contains the notebook. :githublink:`%|py|37` """ folder, filename = os.path.split(image_name) while len(folder) > 0 and (not os.path.exists(folder) or "_doc" not in os.listdir(folder)): fold = os.path.split(folder)[0] if fold == folder: break folder = fold doc = os.path.join(folder, "_doc") if not os.path.exists(doc): raise FileNotFoundError( "unable to find a folder called _doc, the function cannot locate an image\n{0}".format(image_name)) for root, _, files in os.walk(doc): for name in files: t = os.path.join(root, name) fn = os.path.split(t)[-1] if filename == fn: return t raise FileNotFoundError(image_name)
[docs]def NbImage(name, repository=None, force_github=False, width=None): """ Retrieves a name or a url of the image if it is not found in the local folder or a subfolder. :param name: image name (name.png) :param force_github: force the system to retrieve the image from GitHub :param repository: repository, see below :param width: to modify the width :return: an `Image object < #IPython.core.display.Image>`_ We assume the image is retrieved from a notebook. This function will display an image even though the notebook is not run from the sources. IPython must be installed. if *repository* is None, then the function will use the variable ``module.__github__`` to guess the location of the image. The function is able to retrieve an image in a subfolder. Displays a better message if ``__github__`` was not found. :githublink:`%|py|77` """ from IPython.core.display import Image local = os.path.abspath(name) if not force_github and os.path.exists(local): return Image(local, width=width) local_split = local.replace("\\", "/").split("/") if "notebooks" not in local_split: local = locate_image_documentation(local) return Image(local, width=width) # otherwise --> github paths = local.replace("\\", "/").split("/") try: pos = paths.index("notebooks") - 1 except IndexError as e: # we are looking for the right path mes = "The image is not retrieved from a notebook from a folder `_docs/notebooks`" + \ " or you changed the current folder:\n{0}" raise IndexError(mes.format(local)) from e except ValueError as ee: # we are looking for the right path mes = "the image is not retrieve from a notebook from a folder ``_docs/notebooks`` " + \ "or you changed the current folder:\n{0}" raise IndexError(mes.format(local)) from ee if repository is None: module = paths[pos - 1] if module not in sys.modules: if "ensae_teaching_cs" in local: # For some specific modules, we add the location. repository = "" else: raise ImportError( "The module {0} was not imported, cannot guess the location of the repository".format(module)) else: modobj = sys.modules[module] if not hasattr(modobj, "__github__"): raise AttributeError( "The module has no attribute '__github__'. The repository cannot be guessed.") repository = modobj.__github__ repository = repository.rstrip("/") loc = "/".join(["master", "_doc", "notebooks"] + paths[pos + 2:]) url = repository + "/" + loc url = url.replace("", "") return Image(url, width=width)