Source code for pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper.magic_class_diff

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Magic command to handle files

from IPython.core.magic import magics_class, line_magic
from IPython.core.display import display_html

from .magic_class import MagicClassWithHelpers
from .magic_parser import MagicCommandParser
from ..filehelper import create_visual_diff_through_html_files

[docs]@magics_class class MagicDiff(MagicClassWithHelpers): """ Defines magic commands to visualize differences between files. :githublink:`%|py|19` """
[docs] @staticmethod def textdiff_parser(): """ defines the way to parse the magic command ``%textdiff`` :githublink:`%|py|25` """ parser = MagicCommandParser(prog="textdiff", description='show the differences between two files, two text') parser.add_argument('f1', type=str, help='first file or text or url') parser.add_argument('f2', type=str, help='second file or text or url') parser.add_argument( '-c', '--context', default="", help='context view, empty to see everything, > 0 to see only a couple of lines around the changes') parser.add_argument( '-i', '--inline', action="store_true", default=False, help='True=one column (inline) or False=two columns') parser.add_argument( '-e', '--encoding', default="utf8", help='file encoding') return parser
[docs] @line_magic def textdiff(self, line): """ .. nbref:: :title: %textdiff :tag: nb It displays differences between two text files, two strings, two urls, it is based on :func:`create_visual_diff_through_html_files <pyquickhelper.filehelper.visual_sync.create_visual_diff_through_html_files>`. Check blog post :ref:`Visualize differences between two files in a notebook <b-diffview>` to see an example. See also `A magic command to visualize differences between two files in a notebook <>`_. The magic command is equivalent to:: from IPython.core.display import display_html, display_javascript from pyquickhelper import docstring2html, create_visual_diff_through_html_files html, js = create_visual_diff_through_html_files(<f1>, <f2>, encoding=<encoding>, notebook=True, context_size=None if <context> in [None, ""] else int(<context>), inline_view=<inline>) display_html(html) display_javascript(js) :githublink:`%|py|73` """ parser = self.get_parser(MagicDiff.textdiff_parser, "textdiff") args = self.get_args(line, parser) if args is not None: html, js = create_visual_diff_through_html_files(args.f1, args.f2, encoding=args.encoding, notebook=True, context_size=None if args.context in [ None, ""] else int(args.context), inline_view=args.inline) display_html(html) return js return None
[docs] @line_magic def difftext(self, line): """ defines ``%difftext`` which calls :meth:`textdiff <pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper.magic_class_diff.MagicDiff.textdiff>` but should be easier to remember :githublink:`%|py|91` """ return self.textdiff(line)
[docs]def register_file_magics(ip=None): """ register magics function, can be called from a notebook :param ip: from ``get_ipython()`` :githublink:`%|py|100` """ if ip is None: from IPython import get_ipython ip = get_ipython() ip.register_magics(MagicDiff)