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Helpers for pip

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* `Calling pip programmatically <>`_


[docs]class PQPipError (Exception): """ any exception raised by one of the following function :githublink:`%|py|15` """
[docs] def __init__(self, *args): """ :param args: either a string 3 strings (cmd, out, err) :githublink:`%|py|20` """ if len(args) == 1: Exception.__init__(self, args[0]) else: cmd, out, err = args mes = "CMD:\n{0}\nOUT:\n{1}\n[piperror]\n{2}".format(cmd, out, err) Exception.__init__(self, mes)
[docs]def get_packages_list(): """ calls ``pip list`` to retrieve the list of packages :githublink:`%|py|32` """ from pip._internal.utils.misc import get_installed_distributions return get_installed_distributions(local_only=True)
[docs]def package2dict(pkg): """ Extracts information from a package. :param pkg: type *pip._vendor.pkg_resources.Distribution* :return: dictionary :githublink:`%|py|43` """ return dict( version=pkg.version, project_name=pkg.project_name, py_version=pkg.py_version, requires=pkg.requires, platform=pkg.platform, extras=pkg.extras, location=pkg.location)
[docs]def get_package_info(name=None, start=0, end=-1): """ Calls ``pip show`` to retrieve information about packages. :param name: name of he packages or None to get all of them in a list :param start: start at package n (in list return by :func:`get_packages_list <pyquickhelper.pycode.pip_helper.get_packages_list>`) :param end: end at package n, -1 for all :return: dictionary or list of dictionaries :githublink:`%|py|62` """ from import search_packages_info if name is None: res = [] packs = get_packages_list() if end == -1: end = len(packs) subp = packs[start:end] if len(subp) == 0: raise PQPipError( "no package, start={0}, end={1}, len(subp)={2}, len(packs)={3}".format(start, end, len(subp), len(packs))) for cp in subp: pack = cp.project_name info = get_package_info(pack) res.append(info) if len(res) == 0 and len(subp) > 0: raise PQPipError( "empty list, unexpected, start={0}, end={1}, len(subp)={3}".format(start, end, len(subp))) return res else: res = list(search_packages_info([name])) if len(res) != 1: raise PQPipError( "unexpected number of results {0} for {1}".format(len(res), name)) return res[0]