Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_exref_extension

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a :epkg:`sphinx` extension to keep track of ex.

from docutils import nodes

import sphinx
from .sphinx_blocref_extension import BlocRef, process_blocrefs_generic, BlocRefList, process_blocref_nodes_generic

[docs]class exref_node(nodes.admonition): """ defines ``exref`` ndoe :githublink:`%|py|15` """ pass
[docs]class exreflist(nodes.General, nodes.Element): """ defines ``exreflist`` node :githublink:`%|py|22` """ pass
[docs]class ExRef(BlocRef): """ A ``exref`` entry, displayed in the form of an admonition. It takes the following options: * *title*: a title for the bloc * *tag*: a tag to have several categories of blocs (optional) * *lid* or *label*: a label to refer to * *index*: to add an entry to the index (comma separated) Example:: .. exref:: :title: example of a blocref :lid: id-you-can-choose6 An example of code: :: print("mignon") Which renders as: .. exref:: :title: example of a exref :tag: dummy_example6 :lid: id-you-can-choose6 An example of code: :: print("mignon") All blocs can be displayed in another page by using ``exreflist``:: .. exreflist:: :tag: dummy_example6 :sort: title Only blocs tagged as ``dummy_example`` will be inserted here. The option ``sort`` sorts items by *title*, *number*, *file*. You also link to it by typing ``:ref:'anchor <id-you-can-choose2>'`` which gives something like :ref:`link_to_blocref <id-you-can-choose2>`. The link must receive a name. .. exreflist:: :tag: dummy_example6 :sort: title :githublink:`%|py|75` """ node_class = exref_node name_sphinx = "exref"
[docs] def run(self): """ calls run from :class:`BlocRef <pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_blocref_extension.BlocRef>` and add defaut tag :githublink:`%|py|83` """ if "tag" not in self.options: self.options["tag"] = "ex" return
[docs]def process_exrefs(app, doctree): """ collect all *exref* in the environment this is not done in the directive itself because it some transformations must have already been run, e.g. substitutions :githublink:`%|py|94` """ process_blocrefs_generic( app, doctree, bloc_name="exref", class_node=exref_node)
[docs]class ExRefList(BlocRefList): """ A list of all *exref* entries, for a specific tag. * tag: a tag to filter bloc having this tag * sort: a way to sort the blocs based on the title, file, number, default: *title* * contents: add a bullet list with links to added blocs Example:: .. exreflist:: :tag: issue :githublink:`%|py|111` """ name_sphinx = "exreflist" node_class = exreflist
[docs] def run(self): """ calls run from :class:`BlocRefList <pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_blocref_extension.BlocRefList>` and add default tag if not present :githublink:`%|py|118` """ if "tag" not in self.options: self.options["tag"] = "ex" return
[docs]def process_exref_nodes(app, doctree, fromdocname): """ process_blocref_nodes :githublink:`%|py|127` """ process_blocref_nodes_generic(app, doctree, fromdocname, class_name='exref', entry_name="exmes", class_node=exref_node, class_node_list=exreflist)
[docs]def purge_exrefs(app, env, docname): """ purge_exrefs :githublink:`%|py|136` """ if not hasattr(env, 'exref_all_exrefs'): return env.exref_all_exrefs = [exref for exref in env.exref_all_exrefs if exref['docname'] != docname]
[docs]def merge_exref(app, env, docnames, other): """ merge_exref :githublink:`%|py|146` """ if not hasattr(other, 'exref_all_exrefs'): return if not hasattr(env, 'exref_all_exrefs'): env.exref_all_exrefs = [] env.exref_all_exrefs.extend(other.exref_all_exrefs)
[docs]def visit_exref_node(self, node): """ visit_exref_node :githublink:`%|py|157` """ self.visit_admonition(node)
[docs]def depart_exref_node(self, node): """ depart_exref_node, see :githublink:`%|py|165` """ self.depart_admonition(node)
[docs]def visit_exreflist_node(self, node): """ visit_exreflist_node see :githublink:`%|py|173` """ self.visit_admonition(node)
[docs]def depart_exreflist_node(self, node): """ depart_exref_node :githublink:`%|py|180` """ self.depart_admonition(node)
[docs]def setup(app): """ setup for ``exref`` (sphinx) :githublink:`%|py|187` """ if hasattr(app, "add_mapping"): app.add_mapping('exref', exref_node) app.add_mapping('exreflist', exreflist) app.add_config_value('exref_include_exrefs', True, 'html') app.add_config_value('exref_link_only', False, 'html') app.add_node(exreflist, html=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), epub=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), elatex=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), latex=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), tex=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), text=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), md=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node), rst=(visit_exreflist_node, depart_exreflist_node)) app.add_node(exref_node, html=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), epub=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), elatex=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), latex=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), tex=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), text=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), md=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node), rst=(visit_exref_node, depart_exref_node)) app.add_directive('exref', ExRef) app.add_directive('exreflist', ExRefList) app.connect('doctree-read', process_exrefs) app.connect('doctree-resolved', process_exref_nodes) app.connect('env-purge-doc', purge_exrefs) app.connect('env-merge-info', merge_exref) return {'version': sphinx.__display_version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}