Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_mathdef_extension

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a :epkg:`sphinx` extension to give a title to a mathematical
definition, theorem...
Inspired from ` <>`_.

import os
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives
from docutils.frontend import Values

import sphinx
from sphinx.locale import _
    from sphinx.errors import NoUri
except ImportError:
    from sphinx.environment import NoUri
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive
from docutils.parsers.rst.directives.admonitions import BaseAdmonition
from docutils.statemachine import StringList
from sphinx.util.nodes import set_source_info, process_index_entry
from sphinx import addnodes
from ..texthelper.texts_language import TITLES

[docs]class mathdef_node(nodes.admonition): """ Defines ``mathdef`` node. :githublink:`%|py|30` """ pass
[docs]class mathdeflist(nodes.General, nodes.Element): """ Defines ``mathdeflist`` node. :githublink:`%|py|37` """ pass
[docs]class MathDef(BaseAdmonition): """ A ``mathdef`` entry, displayed in the form of an admonition. It takes the following options: * *title*: a title for the math * *tag*: a tag to have several categories of math * *lid* or *label*: a label to refer to * *index*: to add an entry to the index (comma separated) Example:: .. mathdef:: :title: title :tag: definition or theorem or ... :lid: id (used for further reference) Description of the math :githublink:`%|py|59` """ node_class = mathdef_node has_content = True required_arguments = 0 optional_arguments = 0 final_argument_whitespace = False option_spec = { 'class': directives.class_option, 'title': directives.unchanged, 'tag': directives.unchanged, 'lid': directives.unchanged, 'label': directives.unchanged, 'index': directives.unchanged, }
[docs] def run(self): """ Builds the mathdef text. :githublink:`%|py|78` """ # sett = self.state.document.settings # language_code = sett.language_code lineno = self.lineno env = self.state.document.settings.env if hasattr( self.state.document.settings, "env") else None docname = None if env is None else env.docname if docname is not None: docname = docname.replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-1] legend = "{0}:{1}".format(docname, lineno) else: legend = '' if hasattr(env, "settings") and hasattr(env.settings, "mathdef_link_number"): number_format = env.settings.mathdef_link_number elif hasattr(self.state.document.settings, "mathdef_link_number"): number_format = self.state.document.settings.mathdef_link_number elif hasattr(env, "config") and hasattr(env.config, "mathdef_link_number"): number_format = env.config.mathdef_link_number else: raise ValueError( "mathdef_link_number is not defined in the configuration") if not self.options.get('class'): self.options['class'] = ['admonition-mathdef'] # body (mathdef,) = super(MathDef, self).run() if isinstance(mathdef, nodes.system_message): return [mathdef] # add a label lid = self.options.get('lid', self.options.get('label', None)) if lid: container = nodes.container() tnl = [".. _{0}:".format(lid), ""] content = StringList(tnl) self.state.nested_parse(content, self.content_offset, container) else: container = None # mid mathtag = self.options.get('tag', '').strip() if len(mathtag) == 0: raise ValueError("tag is empty") if env is not None: mid = int(env.new_serialno('indexmathe-u-%s' % mathtag)) + 1 else: mid = -1 # id of the section first_letter = mathtag[0].upper() number = mid try: label_number = number_format.format( number=number, first_letter=first_letter) except ValueError as e: raise Exception( "Unable to interpret format '{0}'.".format(number_format)) from e # title title = self.options.get('title', "").strip() if len(title) > 0: title = "{0} {1} : {2}".format(mathtag, label_number, title) else: raise ValueError("title is empty") # main node ttitle = title title = nodes.title(text=_(title)) if container is not None: mathdef.insert(0, title) mathdef.insert(0, container) else: mathdef.insert(0, title) mathdef['mathtag'] = mathtag mathdef['mathmid'] = mid mathdef['mathtitle'] = ttitle set_source_info(self, mathdef) if env is not None: targetid = 'indexmathe-%s%s' % (mathtag, env.new_serialno('indexmathe%s' % mathtag)) ids = [targetid] targetnode =, '', ids=ids[0]) set_source_info(self, targetnode) try: self.state.add_target(targetid, '', targetnode, lineno) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Issue in\n File '{0}', line {1}\ntid={2}\ntnode={3}".format( None if env is None else env.docname, lineno, targetid, targetnode)) from e # index node index = self.options.get('index', None) imposed = ",".join(a for a in [mathtag, ttitle] if a) if index is None or len(index.strip()) == 0: index = imposed else: index += "," + imposed if index is not None: indexnode = addnodes.index() indexnode['entries'] = ne = [] indexnode['inline'] = False set_source_info(self, indexnode) for entry in index.split(","): ne.extend(process_index_entry(entry, targetid)) else: indexnode = None else: targetnode = None indexnode = None return [a for a in [indexnode, targetnode, mathdef] if a is not None]
[docs]def process_mathdefs(app, doctree): """ collect all mathdefs in the environment this is not done in the directive itself because it some transformations must have already been run, e.g. substitutions :githublink:`%|py|199` """ env = app.builder.env if not hasattr(env, 'mathdef_all_mathsext'): env.mathdef_all_mathsext = [] for node in doctree.traverse(mathdef_node): try: targetnode = node.parent[node.parent.index(node) - 1] if not isinstance(targetnode, raise IndexError except IndexError: targetnode = None newnode = node.deepcopy() mathtag = newnode['mathtag'] mathtitle = newnode['mathtitle'] mathmid = newnode['mathmid'] del newnode['ids'] del newnode['mathtag'] env.mathdef_all_mathsext.append({ 'docname': env.docname, 'source': node.source or env.doc2path(env.docname), 'lineno': node.line, 'mathdef': newnode, 'target': targetnode, 'mathtag': mathtag, 'mathtitle': mathtitle, 'mathmid': mathmid, })
[docs]class MathDefList(Directive): """ A list of all mathdef entries, for a specific tag. * tag: a tag to have several categories of mathdef * contents: add a bullet list with links to added blocs Example:: .. mathdeflist:: :tag: issue :contents: :githublink:`%|py|240` """ has_content = False required_arguments = 0 optional_arguments = 0 final_argument_whitespace = False option_spec = { 'tag': directives.unchanged, 'contents': directives.unchanged, }
[docs] def run(self): """ Simply insert an empty mathdeflist node which will be replaced later when process_mathdef_nodes is called :githublink:`%|py|255` """ env = self.state.document.settings.env if hasattr( self.state.document.settings, "env") else None tag = self.options.get('tag', '').strip() contents = self.options.get( 'contents', False) in (True, "True", "true", 1, "1", "", None, "None") if env is not None: targetid = 'indexmathelist-%s' % env.new_serialno('indexmathelist') targetnode ='', '', ids=[targetid]) n = mathdeflist('') n["mathtag"] = tag n["mathcontents"] = contents n['docname'] = env.docname if env else "none" return [targetnode, n] else: n = mathdeflist('') n["mathtag"] = tag n["mathcontents"] = contents n['docname'] = env.docname if env else "none" return [n]
[docs]def process_mathdef_nodes(app, doctree, fromdocname): """ process_mathdef_nodes :githublink:`%|py|280` """ if not app.config['mathdef_include_mathsext']: for node in doctree.traverse(mathdef_node): node.parent.remove(node) # Replace all mathdeflist nodes with a list of the collected mathsext. # Augment each mathdef with a backlink to the original location. env = app.builder.env if hasattr(env, "settings") and hasattr(env.settings, "language_code"): lang = env.settings.language_code else: lang = "en" orig_entry = TITLES[lang]["original entry"] mathmes = TITLES[lang]["mathmes"] if not hasattr(env, 'mathdef_all_mathsext'): env.mathdef_all_mathsext = [] for ilist, node in enumerate(doctree.traverse(mathdeflist)): if 'ids' in node: node['ids'] = [] if not app.config['mathdef_include_mathsext']: node.replace_self([]) continue nbmath = 0 content = [] mathtag = node["mathtag"] add_contents = node["mathcontents"] mathdocname = node["docname"] if add_contents: bullets = nodes.enumerated_list() content.append(bullets) double_list = [(info.get('mathtitle', ''), info) for info in env.mathdef_all_mathsext] double_list.sort(key=lambda x: x[:1]) for n, mathdef_info_ in enumerate(double_list): mathdef_info = mathdef_info_[1] if mathdef_info["mathtag"] != mathtag: continue nbmath += 1 para = nodes.paragraph(classes=['mathdef-source']) if app.config['mathdef_link_only']: description = _('<<%s>>' % orig_entry) else: description = ( _(mathmes) % (orig_entry, os.path.split(mathdef_info['source'])[-1], mathdef_info['lineno']) ) desc1 = description[:description.find('<<')] desc2 = description[description.find('>>') + 2:] para += nodes.Text(desc1, desc1) # Create a reference newnode = nodes.reference('', '', internal=True) innernode = nodes.emphasis('', _(orig_entry)) try: newnode['refuri'] = app.builder.get_relative_uri( fromdocname, mathdef_info['docname']) try: newnode['refuri'] += '#' + mathdef_info['target']['refid'] except Exception as e: raise KeyError("refid in not present in '{0}'".format( mathdef_info['target'])) from e except NoUri: # ignore if no URI can be determined, e.g. for LaTeX output pass newnode.append(innernode) para += newnode para += nodes.Text(desc2, desc2) # (Recursively) resolve references in the mathdef content mathdef_entry = mathdef_info['mathdef'] idss = ["index-mathdef-%d-%d" % (ilist, n)] # Insert into the mathreflist if add_contents: title = mathdef_info['mathtitle'] item = nodes.list_item() p = nodes.paragraph() item += p newnode = nodes.reference('', '', internal=True) innernode = nodes.paragraph(text=title) try: newnode['refuri'] = app.builder.get_relative_uri( fromdocname, mathdocname) newnode['refuri'] += '#' + idss[0] except NoUri: # ignore if no URI can be determined, e.g. for LaTeX output pass newnode.append(innernode) p += newnode bullets += item mathdef_entry["ids"] = idss if not hasattr(mathdef_entry, "settings"): mathdef_entry.settings = Values() mathdef_entry.settings.env = env # If an exception happens here, see blog 2017-05-21 from the # documentation. env.resolve_references(mathdef_entry, mathdef_info['docname'], app.builder) # Insert into the mathdeflist content.append(mathdef_entry) content.append(para) node.replace_self(content)
[docs]def purge_mathsext(app, env, docname): """ purge_mathsext :githublink:`%|py|398` """ if not hasattr(env, 'mathdef_all_mathsext'): return env.mathdef_all_mathsext = [mathdef for mathdef in env.mathdef_all_mathsext if mathdef['docname'] != docname]
[docs]def merge_mathdef(app, env, docnames, other): """ merge_mathdef :githublink:`%|py|408` """ if not hasattr(other, 'mathdef_all_mathsext'): return if not hasattr(env, 'mathdef_all_mathsext'): env.mathdef_all_mathsext = [] env.mathdef_all_mathsext.extend(other.mathdef_all_mathsext)
[docs]def visit_mathdef_node(self, node): """ visit_mathdef_node :githublink:`%|py|419` """ self.visit_admonition(node)
[docs]def depart_mathdef_node(self, node): """ depart_mathdef_node, see :githublink:`%|py|427` """ self.depart_admonition(node)
[docs]def visit_mathdeflist_node(self, node): """ visit_mathdeflist_node see :githublink:`%|py|435` """ self.visit_admonition(node)
[docs]def depart_mathdeflist_node(self, node): """ depart_mathdef_node :githublink:`%|py|442` """ self.depart_admonition(node)
[docs]def setup(app): """ setup for ``mathdef`` (sphinx) :githublink:`%|py|449` """ if hasattr(app, "add_mapping"): app.add_mapping('mathdef', mathdef_node) app.add_mapping('mathdeflist', mathdeflist) app.add_config_value('mathdef_include_mathsext', True, 'html') app.add_config_value('mathdef_link_only', True, 'html') app.add_config_value('mathdef_link_number', "{first_letter}{number}", 'html') app.add_node(mathdeflist, html=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node), epub=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node), elatex=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node), latex=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node), text=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node), md=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node), rst=(visit_mathdeflist_node, depart_mathdeflist_node)) app.add_node(mathdef_node, html=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node), epub=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node), elatex=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node), latex=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node), text=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node), md=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node), rst=(visit_mathdef_node, depart_mathdef_node)) app.add_directive('mathdef', MathDef) app.add_directive('mathdeflist', MathDefList) app.connect('doctree-read', process_mathdefs) app.connect('doctree-resolved', process_mathdef_nodes) app.connect('env-purge-doc', purge_mathsext) app.connect('env-merge-info', merge_mathdef) return {'version': sphinx.__display_version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}