Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_postcontents_extension

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a :epkg:`sphinx` extension which proposes a new version of ``.. contents::``
which takes into account titles dynamically added.

from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives
from sphinx.util import logging

import sphinx
from sphinx.util.logging import getLogger
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive
from .sphinx_ext_helper import traverse, NodeLeave, WrappedNode

[docs]class postcontents_node(nodes.paragraph): """ defines ``postcontents`` node :githublink:`%|py|20` """ pass
[docs]class PostContentsDirective(Directive): """ Defines a sphinx extension which proposes a new version of ``.. contents::`` which takes into account titles dynamically added. Example:: .. postcontents:: title 1 ======= .. runpython:: :rst: print("title 2") print("=======") Which renders as: .. contents:: :local: title 1 ======= title 2 ======= Directive ``.. contents::`` only considers titles defined by the user, not titles dynamically created by another directives. .. warning:: It is not recommended to dynamically insert such a directive. It is not recursive. :githublink:`%|py|58` """ node_class = postcontents_node name_sphinx = "postcontents" has_content = True option_spec = {'depth': directives.unchanged, 'local': directives.unchanged}
[docs] def run(self): """ Just add a :class:`postcontents_node <pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_postcontents_extension.postcontents_node>`. :return: list of nodes or list of nodes, container :githublink:`%|py|71` """ lineno = self.lineno settings = self.state.document.settings env = settings.env if hasattr(settings, "env") else None docname = None if env is None else env.docname if docname is not None: docname = docname.replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-1] else: docname = '' # pragma: no cover node = postcontents_node() node['pclineno'] = lineno node['pcdocname'] = docname node["pcprocessed"] = 0 node["depth"] = self.options.get("depth", "*") node["local"] = self.options.get("local", None) return [node]
[docs]def process_postcontents(app, doctree): """ Collect all *postcontents* in the environment. Look for the section or document which contain them. Put them into the variable *postcontents_all_postcontents* in the config. :githublink:`%|py|96` """ logger = getLogger('postcontents') env = app.builder.env attr = 'postcontents_all_postcontents' if not hasattr(env, attr): setattr(env, attr, []) attr_list = getattr(env, attr) for node in doctree.traverse(postcontents_node): # It looks for a section or document which contains the directive. parent = node while not isinstance(parent, (nodes.document, nodes.section)): parent = node.parent node["node_section"] = WrappedNode(parent) node["pcprocessed"] += 1 node["processed"] = 1 attr_list.append(node)"[postcontents] in '{}.rst' line={} found:{}".format( node['pcdocname'], node['pclineno'], node['pcprocessed'])) _modify_postcontents(node, "postcontentsP")
[docs]def _modify_postcontents(node, event): node["transformed"] = 1 logger = getLogger('postcontents')"[{}] in '{}.rst' line={} found:{}".format( event, node['pcdocname'], node['pclineno'], node['pcprocessed'])) parent = node["node_section"] sections = [] main_par = nodes.paragraph() node += main_par roots = [main_par] # depth = int(node["depth"]) if node["depth"] != '*' else 20 memo = {} level = 0 for _, subnode in traverse(parent): if isinstance(subnode, nodes.section): if len(subnode["ids"]) == 0: subnode["ids"].append("postid-{}".format(id(subnode))) nid = subnode["ids"][0] if nid in memo: raise KeyError( # pragma: no cover "node was already added '{0}'".format(nid))"[{}] {}section id '{}'".format( event, " " * level, nid)) level += 1 memo[nid] = subnode bli = nodes.bullet_list() roots[-1] += bli roots.append(bli) sections.append(subnode) elif isinstance(subnode, nodes.title):"[{}] {}title '{}'".format( event, " " * level, subnode.astext())) par = nodes.paragraph() ref = nodes.reference(refid=sections[-1]["ids"][0], reftitle=subnode.astext(), text=subnode.astext()) par += ref bullet = nodes.list_item() bullet += par roots[-1] += bullet elif isinstance(subnode, NodeLeave): parent = subnode.parent if isinstance(parent, nodes.section): ids = None if len(parent["ids"]) == 0 else parent["ids"][0] if ids in memo: level -= 1"[{}] {}end of section '{}'".format( event, " " * level, parent["ids"])) sections.pop() roots.pop()
[docs]def transform_postcontents(app, doctree, fromdocname): """ The function is called by event ``'doctree_resolved'``. It looks for every section in page stored in *postcontents_all_postcontents* in the configuration and builds a short table of contents. The instruction ``.. contents::`` is resolved before every directive in the page is executed, the instruction ``.. postcontents::`` is resolved after. :param app: Sphinx application :param doctree: doctree :param fromdocname: docname Thiis directive should be used if you need to capture a section which was dynamically added by another one. For example :class:`RunPythonDirective <pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_runpython_extension.RunPythonDirective>` calls function ``nested_parse_with_titles``. ``.. postcontents::`` will capture the new section this function might eventually add to the page. For some reason, this function does not seem to be able to change the doctree (any creation of nodes is not taken into account). :githublink:`%|py|188` """ logger = logging.getLogger("postcontents") # check this is something to process env = app.builder.env attr_name = 'postcontents_all_postcontents' if not hasattr(env, attr_name): setattr(env, attr_name, []) post_list = getattr(env, attr_name) if len(post_list) == 0: # No postcontents found. return for node in post_list: if node["pcprocessed"] != 1: logger.warning("[postcontents] no first loop was ever processed: 'pcprocessed'={0} , File '{1}', line {2}".format( node["pcprocessed"], node["pcdocname"], node["pclineno"])) continue if len(node.children) > 0: # already processed continue _modify_postcontents(node, "postcontentsT")
[docs]def visit_postcontents_node(self, node): """ does nothing :githublink:`%|py|216` """ pass
[docs]def depart_postcontents_node(self, node): """ does nothing :githublink:`%|py|223` """ pass
[docs]def setup(app): """ setup for ``postcontents`` (sphinx) :githublink:`%|py|230` """ if hasattr(app, "add_mapping"): app.add_mapping('postcontents', postcontents_node) app.add_node(postcontents_node, html=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node), epub=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node), elatex=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node), latex=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node), text=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node), md=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node), rst=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node)) app.add_directive('postcontents', PostContentsDirective) app.connect('doctree-read', process_postcontents) app.connect('doctree-resolved', transform_postcontents) return {'version': sphinx.__display_version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}