Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_quote_extension

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a :epkg:`sphinx` extension for a quote.

from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives

import sphinx
from sphinx.locale import _
from docutils.parsers.rst.directives.admonitions import BaseAdmonition
from docutils.statemachine import StringList
from sphinx.util.nodes import nested_parse_with_titles

[docs]class quote_node(nodes.admonition): """ Defines ``quote`` node. :githublink:`%|py|19` """ pass
[docs]class QuoteNode(BaseAdmonition): """ A ``quotedef`` entry, displayed in the form of an admonition. It takes the following options: * *author* * *book* * *year* * *pages* * *tag* * *source* * *lid* or *label* * *index*, additional index words beside the title and the author * *date*, if the text was written or declared at specific date Example:: .. quote:: :author: author :book: book :year: year :pages: pages (optional) :tag: something :lid: id (used for further reference) :source: optional :index: word A monkey could... :githublink:`%|py|51` """ node_class = quote_node has_content = True required_arguments = 0 optional_arguments = 0 final_argument_whitespace = False option_spec = { 'author': directives.unchanged, 'book': directives.unchanged, 'year': directives.unchanged, 'pages': directives.unchanged, 'tag': directives.unchanged, 'lid': directives.unchanged, 'label': directives.unchanged, 'source': directives.unchanged, 'class': directives.class_option, 'index': directives.unchanged, 'date': directives.unchanged, }
[docs] def run(self): """ Builds the mathdef text. :githublink:`%|py|75` """ env = self.state.document.settings.env if hasattr( self.state.document.settings, "env") else None docname = None if env is None else env.docname if docname is not None: docname = docname.replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-1] if not self.options.get('class'): self.options['class'] = ['admonition-quote'] # body (quote,) = super(QuoteNode, self).run() if isinstance(quote, nodes.system_message): return [quote] # mid tag = self.options.get('tag', 'quotetag').strip() if len(tag) == 0: raise ValueError("tag is empty") def __(text): if text: return _(text) else: return "" # book author = __(self.options.get('author', "").strip()) book = __(self.options.get('book', "").strip()) pages = __(self.options.get('pages', "").strip()) year = __(self.options.get('year', "").strip()) source = __(self.options.get('source', "").strip()) index = __(self.options.get('index', "").strip()) date = __(self.options.get('date', "").strip()) indexes = [] if index: indexes.append(index) # add a label lid = self.options.get('lid', self.options.get('label', None)) if lid: tnl = ['', ".. _{0}:".format(lid), ""] else: tnl = [] if author: tnl.append("**{0}**, ".format(author)) indexes.append(author) if book: tnl.append("*{0}*".format(book)) indexes.append(book) if pages: tnl.append(", {0}".format(pages)) if date: tnl.append(" ({0})".format(date)) if source: if source.startswith("http"): tnl.append(", `source <{0}>`_".format(source)) else: tnl.append(", {0}".format(source)) tnl.append('') tnl.append(".. index:: " + ", ".join(indexes)) tnl.append('') content = StringList(tnl) content = content + self.content node = quote_node() try: nested_parse_with_titles(self.state, content, node) except Exception as e: from sphinx.util import logging logger = logging.getLogger("blogpost") logger.warning( "[blogpost] unable to parse '{0}' - '{1}' - {2}".format(author, book, e)) raise e node['tag'] = tag node['author'] = author node['pages'] = pages node['year'] = year node['label'] = lid node['source'] = source node['book'] = book node['index'] = index node['content'] = '\n'.join(self.content) node['classes'] += ["quote"] return [node]
[docs]def visit_quote_node(self, node): """ visit_quote_node :githublink:`%|py|170` """ self.visit_admonition(node)
[docs]def depart_quote_node(self, node): """ depart_quote_node, see :githublink:`%|py|178` """ self.depart_admonition(node)
[docs]def visit_quote_node_rst(self, node): """ visit_quote_node :githublink:`%|py|185` """ self.new_state(0) self.add_text(".. quote::") for k, v in sorted(node.attributes.items()): if k in ("content", 'classes'): continue if v: self.new_state(4) self.add_text(":{0}: {1}".format(k, v)) self.end_state(wrap=False, end=None) self.add_text( self.new_state(4) self.add_text(node['content']) self.end_state() self.end_state() raise nodes.SkipNode
[docs]def depart_quote_node_rst(self, node): """ depart_quote_node, see :githublink:`%|py|207` """ pass
[docs]def setup(app): """ setup for ``mathdef`` (sphinx) :githublink:`%|py|214` """ if hasattr(app, "add_mapping"): app.add_mapping('quote', quote_node) app.add_node(quote_node, html=(visit_quote_node, depart_quote_node), epub=(visit_quote_node, depart_quote_node), elatex=(visit_quote_node, depart_quote_node), latex=(visit_quote_node, depart_quote_node), text=(visit_quote_node, depart_quote_node), md=(visit_quote_node, depart_quote_node), rst=(visit_quote_node_rst, depart_quote_node_rst)) app.add_directive('quote', QuoteNode) return {'version': sphinx.__display_version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}