Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinxext_helper

Helpers for sphinx extensions.

import os

[docs]def try_add_config_value(app, name, default, rebuild, type_s=()): """ Add a variables in the config file if it does not have it yet. :param app: Sphinx application :param name: name of the variable :param default: default value :param rebuild: see below :param type_s: expected types :return: True if added, False if already present. Rebuilds can be (source: `Sphinx.add_config_value <>`_): * 'env' if a change in the setting only takes effect when a document is parsed - this means that the whole environment must be rebuilt. * 'html' if a change in the setting needs a full rebuild of HTML documents. * '' if a change in the setting will not need any special rebuild. :githublink:`%|py|27` """ if name in app.config: return False app.add_config_value(name, default, rebuild, type_s) return True
[docs]def get_env_state_info(self): """ Retrieves an environment and a docname inside a directive. :param self: self inside a :epkg:`Sphinx` directive :return: env, docname, lineno :githublink:`%|py|40` """ if hasattr(self, 'env') and self.env is not None: env = self.env elif hasattr(self.state.document.settings, "env"): env = self.state.document.settings.env else: env = None reporter = self.state.document.reporter try: docname, lineno = reporter.get_source_and_line(self.lineno) except AttributeError: docname = lineno = None if docname is not None: docname = docname.replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-1] res = {'env': env, 'reporter_docname': docname, 'docname': env.docname, 'lineno': lineno, 'state_document': self.state.document, 'location': self.state_machine.get_source_and_line(self.lineno)} if hasattr(self, 'app'): res['srcdic'] = if hasattr(self, 'builder'): res['srcdic'] = self.builder.srcdir if env is not None: here = os.path.dirname(env.doc2path("HERE")) if "IMPOSSIBLE:TOFIND" not in here: res['HERE'] = here for k in res: if isinstance(res[k], str): res[k] = res[k].replace("\\", "/") elif isinstance(res[k], tuple): res[k] = (res[k][0].replace("\\", "/"), res[k][1]) return res