Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinximages.sphinxtrib.images

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
:epkg:`Sphinx` extension for images.

__author__ = 'Tomasz Czy┼╝ <>'
__license__ = "Apache 2"

import os
import sys
import copy
import uuid
import hashlib
import functools
import logging
import sphinx
from sphinx.util.osutil import copyfile
from sphinx.util import status_iterator
from sphinx.util.console import brown
    from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive
except ImportError:
    from sphinx.util.compat import Directive
from sphinx.util.osutil import ensuredir
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives
import requests
from .. import LightBox2

STATICS_DIR_NAME = '_static'


[docs]class image_node(nodes.image, nodes.General, nodes.Element): ":epkg:`sphinx` node" pass
[docs]def directive_boolean(value): "local function" if not value.strip(): raise ValueError("No argument provided but required") if value.lower().strip() in ["yes", "1", 1, "true", "ok"]: return True elif value.lower().strip() in ['no', '0', 0, 'false', 'none']: return False else: raise ValueError(u"Please use on of: yes, true, no, false. " u"Do not use `{}` as boolean.".format(value))
[docs]def get_image_extension(uri): """ Guesses an extension for an image. :githublink:`%|py|74` """ exts = {'.jpg', '.png', '.svg', '.bmp'} for ext in exts: if uri.endswith(ext): return ext for ext in exts: if ext in uri: return ext for ext in exts: if (ext[1:] + "=true") in uri: return ext if ('?' + ext[1:]) in uri: return ext logger = logging.getLogger('image') logger.warning("[image] unable to guess extension for '{0}'".format(uri)) return ''
[docs]class ImageDirective(Directive): """ Directive which overrides default sphinx directive. It's backward compatibile and it's adding more cool stuff. :githublink:`%|py|96` """ align_values = ('left', 'center', 'right') def align(self): # This is not callable as self.align. It cannot make it a # staticmethod because we're saving an unbound method in # option_spec below. return directives.choice(self, ImageDirective.align_values) has_content = True required_arguments = True option_spec = { 'width': directives.length_or_percentage_or_unitless, 'height': directives.length_or_unitless, 'strech': directives.choice, 'group': directives.unchanged, 'class': directives.class_option, # or str? 'alt': directives.unchanged, 'target': directives.unchanged, 'download': directive_boolean, 'title': directives.unchanged, 'align': align, 'show_caption': directive_boolean, 'legacy_class': directives.class_option, } def run(self): env = self.state.document.settings.env conf = # TODO get defaults from config group = self.options.get('group', conf['default_group'] if conf['default_group'] else uuid.uuid4()) classes = self.options.get('class', '') width = self.options.get('width', conf['default_image_width']) height = self.options.get('height', conf['default_image_height']) alt = self.options.get('alt', '') target = self.options.get('target', '') title = self.options.get( 'title', '' if conf['default_show_title'] else None) align = self.options.get('align', '') show_caption = self.options.get('show_caption', False) legacy_classes = self.options.get('legacy_class', '') # TODO get default from config download = self.options.get('download', conf['download']) # parse nested content # TODO: something is broken here, not parsed as expected description = nodes.paragraph() content = nodes.paragraph() content += [nodes.Text("%s" % x) for x in self.content] self.state.nested_parse(content, 0, description) img = image_node() try: is_remote = self.is_remote(self.arguments[0]) except ValueError as e: this = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)) repl = os.path.join(this, "missing.png") self.arguments[0] = repl is_remote = self.is_remote(self.arguments[0]) logger = logging.getLogger('image') logger.warning("[image] {0}, replaced by '{1}'".format(e, repl)) if is_remote: img['remote'] = True if download: img['uri'] = os.path.join('_images', hashlib.sha1( self.arguments[0].encode()).hexdigest()) img['uri'] += get_image_extension(self.arguments[0]) img['remote_uri'] = self.arguments[0] env.remote_images[img['remote_uri']] = img['uri'] env.images.add_file('', img['uri']) else: img['uri'] = self.arguments[0] img['remote_uri'] = self.arguments[0] else: img['uri'] = self.arguments[0] img['remote'] = False env.images.add_file('', img['uri']) img['content'] = description.astext() img['target'] = target if title is None: img['title'] = '' elif title: img['title'] = title else: img['title'] = img['content'] img['content'] = '' img['show_caption'] = show_caption img['legacy_classes'] = legacy_classes img['group'] = group img['size'] = (width, height) img['width'] = width img['height'] = height img['classes'] += classes img['alt'] = alt img['align'] = align img['download'] = download return [img]
[docs] def is_remote(self, uri): "local function" uri = uri.strip() env = self.state.document.settings.env if self.state.document.settings._source is not None: app_directory = os.path.dirname( os.path.abspath(self.state.document.settings._source)) else: app_directory = None if uri[0] == '/': return False if uri[0:7] == 'file://': return False if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(env.srcdir, uri)): return False if app_directory and os.path.isfile(os.path.join(app_directory, uri)): return False if '://' in uri: return True raise ValueError('Image URI `{}` have to be local relative or ' 'absolute path to image, or remote address.' .format(uri))
[docs]def install_backend_static_files(app, env): "local function" STATICS_DIR_PATH = os.path.join(app.builder.outdir, STATICS_DIR_NAME) dest_path = os.path.join(STATICS_DIR_PATH, 'sphinxtrib-images', app.sphinxtrib_images_backend.__class__.__name__) files_to_copy = app.sphinxtrib_images_backend.STATIC_FILES for source_file_path in status_iterator(files_to_copy, 'Copying static files for images...', brown, len(files_to_copy)): dest_file_path = os.path.join(dest_path, source_file_path) if not os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(dest_file_path)): ensuredir(os.path.dirname(dest_file_path)) source_file_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname( sys.modules[app.sphinxtrib_images_backend.__class__.__module__].__file__), source_file_path) copyfile(source_file_path, dest_file_path) if dest_file_path.endswith('.js'): name = os.path.relpath(dest_file_path, STATICS_DIR_PATH) try: # Sphinx >= 1.8 app.add_js_file(name) except AttributeError: # Sphinx < 1.8 app.add_javascript(name) elif dest_file_path.endswith('.css'): name = os.path.relpath(dest_file_path, STATICS_DIR_PATH) try: # Sphinx >= 1.8 app.add_css_file(name) except AttributeError: # Sphinx < 1.8 app.add_stylesheet(name)
[docs]def download_images(app, env): """ Downloads images before running the documentation. :param app: :epkg:`Sphinx` application :param env: environment :githublink:`%|py|275` """ logger = logging.getLogger("image") conf = app.config.images_config for src in status_iterator(env.remote_images, 'Downloading remote images...', brown, len(env.remote_images)): dst = os.path.join(env.srcdir, env.remote_images[src]) dirn = os.path.dirname(dst) ensuredir(dirn) if not os.path.isfile(dst):'{} -> {} (downloading)'.format(src, dst)) with open(dst, 'wb') as f: # TODO: apply reuqests_kwargs try: f.write(requests.get(src, **conf['requests_kwargs']).content) except requests.ConnectionError:"Cannot download `{}`".format(src)) else:'{} -> {} (already in cache)'.format(src, dst))
[docs]def configure_backend(app): "local function" global DEFAULT_CONFIG config = copy.deepcopy(DEFAULT_CONFIG) config.update(app.config.images_config) app.config.images_config = config # ensuredir(os.path.join(app.env.srcdir, config['cache_path'])) # html builder # self.relfn2path(imguri, docname) backend_name_or_callable = config['backend'] if callable(backend_name_or_callable): pass elif backend_name_or_callable == "LightBox2": backend = LightBox2 else: raise TypeError("images backend is configured improperly. It is `{}` (type:`{}`).".format( backend_name_or_callable, type(backend_name_or_callable))) backend = backend(app) # remember the chosen backend for processing. Env and config cannot be used # because sphinx try to make a pickle from it. app.sphinxtrib_images_backend = backend logger = logging.getLogger("image")'Initiated images backend: ', nonl=True)'`{}:{}`'.format( backend.__class__.__module__, backend.__class__.__name__)) def backend_methods(node, output_type): "local function" def backend_method(f): "local function" @functools.wraps(f) def inner_wrapper(writer, node): "local function" return f(writer, node) return inner_wrapper signature = '_{}_{}'.format(node.__name__, output_type) return (backend_method(getattr(backend, 'visit' + signature, getattr(backend, 'visit_' + node.__name__ + '_fallback'))), backend_method(getattr(backend, 'depart' + signature, getattr(backend, 'depart_' + node.__name__ + '_fallback')))) # add new node to the stack # connect backend processing methods to this node app.add_node(image_node, **{output_type: backend_methods(image_node, output_type) for output_type in ('html', 'latex', 'man', 'texinfo', 'text', 'epub')}) app.add_directive('thumbnail', ImageDirective) if config['override_image_directive']: app.add_directive('image', ImageDirective) app.env.remote_images = {}
[docs]def setup(app): """ setup for :epkg:`sphinx` extension :githublink:`%|py|356` """ global DEFAULT_CONFIG app.add_config_value('images_config', DEFAULT_CONFIG, 'env') app.connect('builder-inited', configure_backend) app.connect('env-updated', download_images) app.connect('env-updated', install_backend_static_files) return {'version': sphinx.__version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}